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Relocating Your Dog

Our dogs are very much part of the family and it doesn’t make sense to leave them at home when you travel. Fortunately, today you don’t have to. Instead, join the millions of pet parents who are traveling abroad with their fur babies and opting for tailored, unique pet packages catered especially for their furry best friend’s needs.

A recent 2011 study conducted by Hanrob Pet Hotels revealed something pretty incredible. 80% of Australian pet owners would rather alter or cancel their travel plans if they couldn’t make suitable arrangements for their dogs. A 2010, US survey from demonstrated that 60% of pet parents had traveled over 50 miles with their pets. This survey included 10,000 pet parents. Another 22% brought their cats along.

The Hanrob Pet Hotel survey demonstrated that of the 500 pet parents included in their study, 55.2 % were professional working women with earnings of over $100,000 a year. 40.4% of pet parents in this study were concerned that their family or friends wouldn’t have enough time to look after their pets properly. In addition to this study, IBISWorld estimated that in 2011 around 63% of Australian households had a pet. In addition, 53% were pet parents to either a dog or cat, which would leave over half of the Australian population needing affordable and good pet care, if they ever wanted to travel or had the need to travel for business.

Travel has never been easier for Australia’s busy pet parents.  Here’s what you need to know if you’re traveling to Australia on holiday or for work. You don’t need to leave your pets behind. When it comes to pet friendly accommodation, Hanrob Pet Hotels welcomes cats and dogs of all sizes and has become extremely popular in Australia. Pets are pampered with treats, therapeutic massage, bowls, beds, toys, 24-hour veterinary care and dog training with some of the very best dog handlers. Today, pet parents are demanding unique, tailored pet packages that will benefit their pets individually.

Research from the Hanrob survey indicates that nearly 48% of pet owners value the opportunity to spend quality time with their pets before they go on holiday. Hanrob Pet Hotel convenient locations enable all pet parents to maximize time with their pets pre-holiday, right up to the last minute. If you’re considering flying your pets, there’s also good news about all commercial air travel. When it comes to pet safety, we all worry. Today airlines have improved safety for all pets. Many airports today employ baggage handlers that are trained to handle pets. Traveling with your pet in a pet carrier in the cabin next to you is also an alternative. Small pets are allowed to do this. Larger dogs have to travel cargo. So rest assured, if you’re planning on taking Fido.

51.6% of pet parents were concerned about their pets running away. Safety is the biggest concern for all pet parents that want their pets to be in a safe environment. Many dog behave strangely when in a new environment. Certain traits such as fearfulness, shyness, playfulness and aggressiveness may be more obvious in certain breeds. This will explain why there are differences among all dog breed types and how each breed may act in a strange, new environment. As many as 34.6% of pet owners would create an instruction manual for their pets when traveling, if they could. Pet parents know what their dogs are capable of doing, and how their dog will adjust to being away from them. According to the Hanrob survey, 72.4% of pet owners in Australia are either married or living with a partner. Pet parents worldwide will spend unlimited amounts of money on their pets to ensure their health, safety and happiness especially when boarding.

So if you’re thinking about taking a trip down under, keep in mind that the Hanrob’s luxury pet hotel has suites conveniently located in Sydney (Heathcoat, Sydney Airport and Duffy’s Forest) and Melbourne (Melbourne Airport). Prices for accommodation start at just $32.00 per day, and the Staying Connected Package is available for $49.00.Kenneling is a luxurious experience made possible through Andrew Briggs, Ceo of Hanrob Pet Hotels. Offered at all Hanrob Pet Hotel properties, the Hanrob’s luxury pet hotels includes extended stays, emergency veterinary treatment, play time for your pooch with his new canine companions, aromatherapy baths, Skype sessions, digital photos (PetPics), and pre-recorded videos.(PetVideo)

Dogs can look forward to a training bootcamp – a program that allows dogs to brush up on their obedience skills, while playing in the wonderful grounds.  There is an extensive pet-friendly link that you can use to help you determine what activities you wish to include for your furry best friend’s stay in Australia, and information on dog training and pet limo services to and from the airport for you, your family and Fido. Hanrob services include dropping you and your luggage at the airport, and then taking Fido to his hotel, where a pet friendly staff member will be waiting to greet him and settle him in. You are then free to check in at your hotel and pick him up whenever you want to take him sight seeing.

Hanrob Pet Hotels embraces all four-legged guests. Pet travel has never been so easy! In this fast-paced world, pet parents are scattered worldwide on business or taking a vacay.  Today, all traveling pet parents want reputable and great affordable doggie care when they’re traveling with their furry best friends.





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