Since time immemorial, a great majority of people have been keeping dogs for one main reason; security. Dogs have been known to be not only man’s best friend but also one of the best pets for home protection and security purposes.

This may sound interesting but choosing a guard dog can be quite a challenge, especially if you do not know about the different types of dogs. If you want the best guard dogs, you should do a thorough research on a variety of security breeds. This is the only way you will choose the best breeds, one that suits your specific needs and one that fits in your home and/or lifestyle.

To help you make a good decision and find that special breed of guard dog that will enhance protection in and around your home or property, keep reading. This post is meant to give you an idea of what to expect and what to consider when dealing with security dogs.

German Shepherd

When it comes to protecting your home, you should get the best security dogs ever. There are a number of dogs that are good for security purposes other than being your cool companions. Here are a few breeds of guard dogs that might interest you;

  • Shetland sheepdogs are good alert barkers. This type of dog will literally bark every time they spot someone or something unusual around your home.
  • Another type of dog that excels at keeping your home safe is the Giant Schnauzer. These types of dogs have a very strong and fierce bark. Every dog owner who has a giant schnauzer will agree that this type of dog is very over protective of its owner and everything he owns. However, if you are looking for the extremely aggressive dogs, then Rottweiler’s and German Shepherds would be a great choice.
  • Another breed of dogs that you should consider getting is the Bullmastiff. These dogs are known for their amazing physical strength and incomparable instincts. Basically a bullmastiff is a courageous, protective, strong and extremely loyal dog. Anyone would be pleased to keep such a dog especially of your main reason for owning a dog is keeping intruders away from your property.

As interesting as security dogs may seem, they deserve the best Dog care like other pets. Therefore, if you don’t know a thing or two about how to train a puppy or a security dog, then read on. First and foremost, training a dog begins with potty training the dog or taking the dog outside for its bathroom business. By potty training your dog, you will not only ensure that your home is clean and free of dog ‘poop and pee’ but also ensure that the dog is comfortable around your home.

With that said, to ensure that your dogs are devoted and determined to keep your home safe and secure you must take good care of them. Feed them with nutritious dog food, keep them clean and regularly take the dogs to a vet for a professional checkup and extra grooming care.

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