You have finally given in and adopted a furry, squirming bundle of puppy for the family to enjoy and love together. Puppies are great to cuddle with, play with, and love; however, they also come with a lot of added responsibility. From teaching them not to chew on your favorite $100 heels to potty training them the right way, having a puppy may be harder than you think.

House training your puppy doesn’t have to be a fight between the two of you. There are many different ways that you can train a puppy from crate training to training pads. What many pet parents don’t realize is that there are do’s and don’ts to house training your puppy that you need to follow, if you expect to succeed. For example, when using dog training pads, there is a wrong way to teach your puppy and a right way. With that being said, read on below for a few of the do’s and don’ts of puppy house training you need to know.

Precious Puppy

Do Establish a Routine

The first thing you want to do is establish a routine for your new puppy. Remember, he is in a new place and nervous, just like you would be if it were you. The biggest thing to remember is that your puppy is small and therefore has a small bladder. Typical times for your puppy to have to urinate are when he first wakes up, after he eats, if he gets really excited, and after he’s been playing. A routine for using the training pads or going outside is your best bet for helping your puppy understand where he needs to go to the bathroom.

Don’t Yell at Your Puppy

The worst thing you can do is yell at or lose your patience with your new puppy. Not only will it make the puppy afraid of you, but your puppy will also learn not to trust you as well. Rushing your puppy is another thing that will end badly. Just like humans, puppies go in their own time, not on the schedule that you are on.

Do Be Consistent

It is extremely important to be consistent when training a puppy. Whether it’s using training pads or going outside, it’s important to take your puppy to the same spot each and every time he has to go. For example, having the puppy potty pads in the living room one day and in the bathroom the next, will only confuse your puppy and try your patience when he goes where he isn’t supposed to.

Don’t Use a Crate as Punishment

Many pet parents use crating as a way to house train a puppy. You need to make sure that the puppy knows the crate is not a punishment and that you don’t force the puppy to go into the crate when it has an accident in the house.

Do Love and Encourage Your Puppy

The best way to house train your new puppy is with love, patience, and encouragement. If you love your puppy, then he will want to please you, and you will soon be on your way to a puppy that listens and goes potty where he is supposed to.

These are just a few of the do’s and don’ts that you should follow when house breaking a new puppy to your family. Whether you are crate training or using training pads, remember, love, patience, and determination are the keys to success. 






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