When mommy let us out this morning, guess what was swimming in our swimming pool?  If you guessed ducks, then you guessed right!  To our surprise, 3 Mallards had invaded our swimming pool!  OMG!  They were just swimming around like they owned the place.  Well, we let them know that they were in our swimming pool!  We ran out there and started barking at them and then Ash acted like she was going to jump in after them.  Mommy started yelling for daddy…like he could do anything about it!  And then the ducks flew away.

I really don’t understand why they didn’t stay and play with us!  I don’t think Ash would have hurt them.  She probably would have just swam around the pool with them.  What fun that would have been…to have 3 duck friends!

First thing daddy did was turn to mommy and ask her why she didn’t get a picture of the ducks swimming in the pool?  Mommy was so shocked that there were three ducks in the pool and even more afraid that Ash was going to go in after them, that how in the world could she even begin to think about getting a picture? 

So mommy found this picture so you could get the idea of what we saw this morning!

Ducks in a swimming pool, Visitors 72 365
It was so cool having friends in the swimming pool!  We hope they come back to visit real soon.  We will be waiting by the pool for them!

Dogs looking for ducks

Puppy looking for ducks

Dogs looking for ducks

Dog looking for ducks
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