Easy Steps to Train Your Crossbred Canine

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Getting your first dog can be very stressful, no matter the breed. Whether you adopt one or buy it, your furry friend will need to be trained. It is not that difficult to train a pure breed, but what happens when your new friend is not one? Many people think that purebred dogs are easier to train than a crossbreed. That is a myth. Of course there are some breeds are more intelligent than others and maybe more receptive to your commands, but it is wrong to think that a dog without a pedigree is not intelligent or cannot be trained. All dogs can be taught all sorts of commands, you just need consistency and patience.

We all know that dogs are big food lovers and toy collectors so you may want to take a trip to the supermarket before you adopt a furry friend. But other than that, crossbreeds are as easily entertained and trained as any other dog. Never think that your unconditional friend is not intelligent enough to be trained. You might be surprised when you will see it opening the door with its paws or maybe the drawer of treats. They might be stubborn at times, like Shorkies are. But all dogs love to please their owners, and if you reward them every time they do it right, after a while they will do it just so they can get treats.

Even if it takes a while to train your companion, never try to use physical methods with your pup as they do not respond well to them. Then again, what dog does? If you are calm, positive and patient and you use short training sessions, your pup will learn in no time. These sessions should be no longer than 15-20 minutes, and you should have two a day.  Also, keep in mind to train your furry friend one command at a time; otherwise you will confuse them, and they will take even longer to train.

When trying to train your pup, always make sure you use dog treats as an incentive for well-done commands. Also, try to have the training sessions at about the same time every day, keeping them as strict as possible. This way, your pup will know that it is time to learn and also time to get some more treats. If the sessions are not at regular times, training any dog, not just yours, would not be easy. The more you repeat something, the faster it becomes a habit. Yelling at your dog during these sessions is also not recommended.

Don’t think of this as a strict and inflexible training, but more of a learning session which incorporates a lot of fun with your new companion. If you are strict but also understanding and patient, your pup will also enjoy training with you, perceiving it as fun and not dreadful. And this is exactly what you want. You will both spend time together and create a stronger bond every day. You can do it outside or inside, in the morning or the afternoon. But remember that when you didn’t know something, others were patient with you, so you should show the same understanding. Enjoy the time you spend with your pup!

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