Everyone loves dogs, even if they love them from afar. When you get a dog, people tend to opt for an older dog that’s already trained, or a puppy they can love and cherish from the beginning. There’s a lot to think about before getting a dog however, specifically a puppy. A lot of people don’t realize the extent of mess and space they create and take up, so here’s a few reminders on what a puppy does for you to consider.

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If you have any pressing questions about your puppy retrieval, consult this list first. Your concern might just be here. Think of your puppy as a toddler and be firm but fair with him; you both have a lot to learn!

Puppies May Get Massive

When dogs are puppies they grow twice as fast as any other time of their lives. When it comes to puppy size, they may look small and cute now, but remember to check their paws. If their paws hugely outsize the rest of their body, then they’re going to get huge.

This is a good rule of thumb for dog breeds like pitbulls, in which they’re about a quarter of their body size when they’re a baby. You need to be able to have the room for a dog that’s going to get big, and trust me they will. Your backyard needs to be properly fenced in as dogs have an awful lot of strength to them when they get to an older age. This is also good practice for puppies as you don’t want any exploration attempts to go awry.

When you come home, at some point you’re likely to get bowled over by a massive fluffball. Just remember that this will happen sooner than you think, so take advantage of their small size whilst you can!

They Will Need to Adjust to a New Home

When adopting a dog, either from someone else or a shelter, there’ll need to be an adjustment period. Being taken out of an old habitat and placed into unchartered territory is enough to make any animal anxious. Just like humans, dogs can be unsure of their surroundings and need to get used to the people and places they find themselves in.

Dogs like a hierarchy, and establishing or working their way into that means you’ll probably come across a few mishaps with your puppy. Dogs are social creatures that like being in packs, and therefore this structure should be established early on. Showing that you’re the leader will not only help them adjust and look to you for guidance, but it also means they’re likely to misbehave less.

You’ll also need to adjust to having a small creature in your home too. No longer can you be as messy as you once were. Plus you’ll probably be woken up in the middle of the night by barking, whining, and toilet trips.

They Will Misbehave

So onto this point. Remember this golden rule: silence is golden, but when you have a puppy, silence is suspicious. Very suspicious. Make sure to check on your dog regularly. Puppies are likely to misbehave and be up to no good when your watchful eye isn’t on them. This is to test boundaries, and also because dogs are like that when they have all that extra energy.

Don’t give your puppy a chance to misbehave by placing all things you love and want to keep intact out of their reach, and keep them high up. Chewing, nipping and digging can happen simply because you’ve given your puppy a chance to indulge in it. They don’t know any better after all!

Despite all your efforts, you might find at some point one of your cushions has been pulled apart and strewn across the entire living room. Try to remember that they didn’t mean it. Puppies are like children in that they don’t think about consequences. So it’s your job, and chance, to teach them. One thing to note is you mustn’t immediately get angry with them. You need to show your dog when they’re doing something right and something wrong. Make sure you associate their good deeds with reward, which is the fundamental rule of all training.

If you find your dog looking for their next chew, substitute them with a toy. Showing them that toys are the only thing they’re allowed to chew by directly replacing any shoes or cushions with them is a key part of the training process.

House Training Will Take Time

Your dog isn’t going to immediately understand that they have to potty on a mat in the corner of the room until they learn to do it outside. If you find a puddle or pile around the house, don’t get angry about it, but let your dog know that isn’t the place for it.

Congratulate your dog on using a training mat. However, don’t use the usual phrase of ‘good girl’ or ‘boy’ as this will make them associate going to the toilet with praise, and more likely to piddle whenever you say it. It’s a common mistake to make, so be sure to avoid it for less trouble when trying to potty train your puppy.

Also, when a dog is young, they’re unlikely to be able to last through a night without needing to go to the toilet. If they bother you during the dark hours, or you hear a whining sound, be sure to take them to the toilet. This can mean either outside, or showing them where the mat is again, and congratulating them for doing it properly.

They May Get Bad Breath

Bad breath in dogs is pretty common, but that doesn’t mean it won’t smell horrible. When you come across bad dog breath for the first time, you can get a little shaken. Your beautiful little puppy can smell like that? Well with everything they can eat that us humans aren’t likely to, it’s no surprise.

Continuous bad breath that gets stronger can sometimes be a sign of a health problem, but don’t panic if your puppy’s breath doesn’t smell right. If you’re worried that there’s something wrong with their digestion or gums, book an appointment with your vet.

They Will Be Messy

People tend to think of puppies as stationary, yet they do a lot to make a mess. When they’re out in the garden finally learning how to go to the toilet, or on a walk, you’re guaranteed to come back with them covered in…something. At some point you may even have to get the hose out! Don’t be afraid to wash down your dog, as sometimes it’s the only way.

Some dog breeds will be messier than others, however. Long hair breeds like English sheepdogs and Newfoundlands have fur that will be a lot more clingy than other breeds, and thus carry literally everything home with them when you come back from a walk.

Dogs don’t come ready made, and take a lot of work. Getting a puppy is going to be one of the most happy yet stressful points of your life. You need to keep a lot in mind, but also make sure you enjoy time with your dog whilst they’re young. They’re never going to be that small again, and thus get all your hugs and cooing in now. Puppies are glorious little creatures and you’ll love coming home to see their face whenever you go out. Good luck with all your puppy efforts!









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