Let us be honest; we have all had that one playtime gone terribly wrong when your pet friend almost escaped the yard and yet another time when you had to run for miles looking for a trace. The relief after finding Pluto or Carrie is beyond words but how many of us would actually want to revisit that episode ever again?

None, and it is great to know that there are ways in which we could avoid such situations altogether.

Dog Playing

Given below are 4 such effective methods to ensure that your running skills are not tested unannounced.

1.     Train Well

The first step in preventing such untoward circumstances is to provide effective training to your pet so they are aware of basic commands of obedience. These simple commands include ‘sit’, ‘walk’, ‘stay’, etc. that could prevent a sudden chase behind an oblivious squirrel.

There are other benefits of training your dog properly. The bond between you and your pet gets better and stronger. Since, you will be keeping him busy with other things, he will be happy through out the day.

2.     Always Put Your Dog On A Leash

You might be tempted to let the leash loose at times but it is highly recommended that you put your dog on a leash whenever outdoors. Even when you are out for a leisurely stroll, never forget the leash. It only takes an uninvited guest to make your dog chase the wits of it and escape from the yard.

3.     Tire Him Out

A dog will want to run because it is inherent in its nature. This is why a daily pattern of activities will help your dog to spend all his energy and calm down by the time he has to settle in the yard. A well-played pet will wind down easily when it is time for a nap instead of getting cranky and mischievous.

4.     Wireless Fences

This is by far the most effective way to keep your mischievous pet from escaping the yard. An invisible wireless containment system can ensure that your dog is always within a restricted zone and yet free enough to play around.

However, you must always keep an eye on the wireless fence to ensure that it is functioning properly. Conduct regular maintenance by taking a walk along the fence, check for posts that might be rotting and inspect for ground holes that could be getting bigger.

Keeping a track of these little things could ensure that your wireless containment system is working efficiently and your pet is well cared for.

Wrap Up

All the methods above are relatively effective and foolproof but owing to the fact that different breeds have different characteristic features, some might work for a group of breeds while some might not. If you have a feeling that your dog might be too active for the above-mentioned ideas, try microchipping your dog. It is a painless procedure and is yet so effective. You could also opt for a collar tag if need be.

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This post was contributed by Pete Decker, the Lead Editor at The Goody Pet. Pete loves to share his passion for pets through snippets of interesting and helpful information. You can find more of Pete at his website, Twitter or Facebook.






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