Are you looking for a well behaved dog? Of course, you must be a dog lover for you to have made the decision to keep one as a pet. This means you have solved the tricky cat and dog riddle and found the myriad benefits that dog owners have over cat owners. Dogs are marvelous as pets and it is no wonder they are said to be man’s best friend. Your dog will keep you fit and active when you hit the park for walks. Staying with your lovely pet reduces stress and gives you much needed companionship among other benefits.

Adorable Puppy

What to Consider When Buying or Adopting a Pet Dog

The problem comes in choosing the right breed. With so many dog breeds out there, how do you find the best? Among the considerations include:

  1. Temperament – Look for a calm dog which can easily build a strong bond with your family.
  2. Energy levels – You don’t want a low-energy pet but neither do you want a supercharged one. As such, consider your lifestyle and choose a dog breed that perfectly suits you.
  3. Size – This is closely related to energy levels because very large dogs are most likely to be docile. Small breeds on the other hand are excitable and always ready for some play.
  4. Safety for everyone –Some dog breeds don’t like particular genders while others are more comfortable with adults. When making your choice, go for an all-rounded dog that will socialize comfortably with everyone.
  5. Maintenance and care – Some dogs require regular and expensive grooming, especially the long haired breeds. Consider whether you have the time and money to do all this. Some breeds are more susceptible to infections and allergies, which will necessitate regular veterinary visits.
  6. Age of the dog – This is a crucial consideration when choosing a dog breed. A puppy will require a lot of training while an older dog is already potty trained and can easily make friends.
  7. Friendliness with other pets – The last thing you want is constant fighting in your house if you have other pets and as such, look for a dog which is friendly with other animals.

It is always important to interact with other dog lovers on online platforms including dogs on the loose where you can find important tips from experts and other dog breeders.

Best Behaved Dog Breeds

When choosing a dog, you should always remember that safety is the main consideration. You want a pet that doesn’t pose a danger to your family. More importantly, you should find a dog breed which is easy to train. These factors point to a well behaved dog that follows instructions.

Among the top rated dogs in terms of behavior are the Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Newfoundland, Bull Terrier, Beagle, Border Collie, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky and Pug. All these dogs have unique qualities that make them stand out including loyalty (Bulldog), calm temperament (Beagle), companionship (Bull Terrier), gentleness and predictability (Collie), intelligence (Newfoundland), obedience and playfulness (Poodle) among others.





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