A quick browse of the internet will reveal a huge wealth of products focused on puppies and dog training, but in recent years there has alsoOur Black Lab been a rapid growth in the number of products aimed at senior dogs. These products are cleverly designed to help older dogs combat the problems which advancing years pose to us all. Here are five products which could help make a real difference to the quality of your dog’s life.

Raised Bowls

For taller dogs that are advancing in years, the constant strain of reaching down to their feeding bowl can cause complications. Older dogs are much more likely to suffer from joint complications or from being overweight, both of which can make the floor positioning of bowls problematic. There are a wealth of raised bowls on the market, from the simple to the deluxe – and if you don’t fancy forking out for one then it isn’t too difficult to fashion your own.

Dog Puzzles

Although your dogs might not be as sprightly as they once were, they still need to be kept stimulated. Although some dogs will still be playing fetch well into their retirement, others will find the need for a slower pace of entertainment. Dog puzzles are a great means of keeping dogs of any age active and engaged. These toys can take many forms, from simple treat dispensers which must be nudged into dropping their snacks to beautifully constructed, interactive games. Check out the toys produced by Nina Ottosson to see just how well designed dog toys can be these days! To shop for a huge array of dogs toys click here.

Specialist food and supplements

One of the biggest developments in the multi-billion dollar dog food market has been the boom in food dedicated to older dogs. Dog foods vary hugely in quality and simply because one claims to be specially formulated for senior dogs does not mean that it will contain everything that your dog needs to remain in peak condition.   As your dog ages its dietary requirements will be subject to change. Being aware of these and staying on top of them is something best conducted through discourse with your vet. They will help you understand which feed- and if necessary supplements- best suit your dog’s changing needs.

Access ramps

Access ramps are not only great for aging dogs – but also for aging owners! Our Border Terriers used to jump into the back of the car at even the hint of a ride, but these days it’s simply a leap too far. Nor is bending down and picking them up as easy as it used to be for their owner! The solution- a simple folding ramp which attaches to the boot. Many people would scoff at the usefulness of such a product but we have found it to be invaluable.

Orthopedic beds

Many senior dogs are plagued by arthritis or other joint complaints, this can mean a good nights sleep is hard to get. Now there are several companies which produce specialist orthopedic beds, which utilize hi-tech memory foam to help provide a comfortable sleeping environment. These beds utilize exactly the same materials that are used in their human counterparts- and as such they can be extremely expensive. Nonetheless, they are able to improve the quality of life for many dogs and could well be worth the investment if you believe your dog would benefit. You can browse through a range of memory foam and other specialist dog beds with Dogs Corner.co.uk.



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