Breeding is an opportunity to have beautiful puppies and improve the gene pool of the dog breed. Reckless breeding has unfortunately caused tons of problems with overcrowded shelters and health problems for specific breeds. Before you attempt to breed your favorite dog, consider the information below.

Can You Afford It?

Breeding isn’t as easy as putting two of the same breed together and making them have puppies. Both dogs need to undergo extensive medical evaluations to determine their health. You should also get a report on what genetic risks they can pass on. Dogs with health problems should never be bred. If your German Shepherd Dog has pannus, then she should never have puppies. This testing can run in the hundreds.

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Can You Provide Care For Several Puppies?

There’s always a chance of the puppies not being purchased after all is said and done. You need to be ready for the financial commitment and huge responsibility. Pet care services can help you, but they shouldn’t have to raise your dogs for you. You cannot just dump them off at a shelter or have them euthanized if they don’t sell.

Are You Committed To Improving The Breed?

The purpose of breeding is to improve the behavioral and genetic features of a dog. If you are committed to improving the life of dogs, then you may make a good breeder. You must avoid mixing dogs that have any genetic risks for best results.

Do You Have Time?

The average pregnancy for a dog is 63 days. It can be more or less depending on the breed. You will need to take her for veterinary care during her two-month pregnancy. You will also need to ensure that she is healthy and getting what she needs. After she has the puppies you will need to care for and socialize the puppies for another two or three months. This is a time consuming process you may not be ready for.

Are You Committed To Finding A Good Home?

The puppies will need a good home when they are ready. You need to be able to go through an application process to find the perfect home for each puppy. This is another serious matter that cannot be taken lightly.

There are dozens of things to consider before breeding your dog. It can be a wonderful opportunity if you do everything correctly. Do your research before hand, and then make an informed decision.


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