If you are traveling by plane with your pet, there are some important things you need to know.  You should always plan ahead.  Don’t just show up at the gate and expect to fly.  Every airline has different regulations and different charges for each pet.  It would be a good idea to access the airline’s website to find out about traveling with your pet or ask questions when you are making reservations by phone.

Whether you are flying domestically or internationally,  most likely you will be required to supply a health certificate for your pet from your veterinarian.  If you are flying overseas your dog may be required to have a checkup from an USDA Approved veterinarian.  Depending on your destination, your dog may have to have mandatory blood work, vaccines, quarantines, and microchips.  These things could take months of preparation so it is smart to plan ahead!

Make sure your pet has everything he needs to have a safe and secure flight.  If your dog is a small dog, you might be able to travel with him under your seat.  If so, your pet will need a safe bag to fly in along with a training pad and a throw away towel.  The liners in the bag are important because they help keep your pet comfortable and they are easy to clean up in case there is an accident.  You should also have a collapsible bowel so your pet can have water during breaks.  You can fold the bowl up and put it in your pocket when it isn’t needed.  If your dog is a bigger dog, he won’t be able to travel under your seat.  He will have to travel in the cargo section.  There are carriers available for your dog to travel in.  You need to pad them with training pads and there are water bottles that can be attached to the outside of the carrier.  You might also give your dog a toy to play with while they are in the carrier to help keep them entertained and happy.

Bon Voyage and Happy Traveling!

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