Believe it or not, there are more than 1000 brands in the US that offer pet food. You would have to choose one from more than 5000 different recipes. Choosing the best option for your furry friend can prove to be confusing for sure.

Looking Into A Dog's Eyes


Vets recommend every dog owner to undergo training sessions related to handling and feeding their pet. Here are some tips that can help in choosing the best diet for your dog.

Focus on ingredients and not on the price tag

Ingredient(s) are something that you should focus on while buying pet supplements and not the price tag. Healthy pet feeding items can make sure that your pet’s teeth, skin, hair and overall health remain in good condition.

As far as improving a dog’s energy level is concerned, high carbohydrates and protein-rich supplements can do the trick. Dogs that run and burn a lot of calories can benefit from such items. On the other hand, offering such items to lesser active or older dogs can make them fat.

Food items containing fish oil, flaxseed oil, and vegetable oil can help in taking care of pet’s irritated skin. Depending on the skin’s condition, your vet may also recommend supplements containing various oils.

If you are looking for balanced and complete food, you should consider buying items that are certified by the officials from the Association of American Feed Control.

Vets often urge pet owners to buy dog items from reliable brands or suppliers because such items can easily get infected due to salmonella contamination as well as E coli.

You can also refer to recommendations from experts and can also click here to know more about it, while choosing best dog food for corgis.

Healthy food items for four-legged friends

It has been proven that the condition of a dog’s skin depends on the kind of food that the pet eats on a daily basis. Pets might face issues like ear infections, fatty tumors, and skin allergies if they are not fed appropriate items. Subpar dog supplements can trigger such problems.

New York-based pet food specialist โ€˜K9 Caterers’ is considered one of the best names in the market. Their executive, Lawrence Carito, recently interacted with journalists and shared some interesting details about choosing the best pet food.

โ€œThese days, pets are treated just like kids. Owners prefer offering healthy supplements to their four-legged friends. While purchasing dog feeding items, one must focus on the weight for each ingredient. Be careful while buying items containing beef and chicken,โ€ said Lawrence Carito.

K9’s owner Peter Katz also shared similar opinions during his interaction with journalists and pointed out that the pet’s special diet industry is large. More and more pet lovers prefer to remain aware about the carbohydrates and gluten content in their pet’s food.

This is the reason many dog food manufacturers are offering items made from brown rice, barley, oatmeal and other alternative grains.

Let the vet examine your pet once in every six months

At times, your dog might start rejecting food items that you offer him. Remember, you cannot feed puppy formula to a senior dog and expect him to eat. Even large breed canines do not prefer eating food meant for a smaller breed.

There can be several reasons behind the reduction in food intake, thus, getting in touch with your veterinarian can prove to be the best option.







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