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This week we are joining Jodi from Heart Like A Dog and Emma from My GBGV Life for the Follow Up Friday blog hop. This is the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend!

Mommy says we should start out with a picture of Diesel cause he makes us smile and today has been kind of a sad day already 🙁   So, here is a picture of Diesel.  He saw his first cat yesterday!  This is him trying to get to the cat!


Hey you up there! What the heck are you?

We are saddened that our dear friend Norman from Sand Springs Chesapeakes crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this week.  He had been battling cancer and we are sending lots of hugs and prayers to his family.  Please stop by and read the beautiful tribute to Norman.  May you RIP dear, sweet Norman and may you run fast and forever free.

Mommy took Teddy and me to the doggy doctor Tuesday morning.  I still have that irritating cough.  They thought it was kennel cough, treated it, got better, but now I’m coughing again.  The doggy doctor did blood work and everything came back okay.  He says I’m healthy and it must be allergies this time.  Mommy says she hopes so but she will keep a close eye on me and make sure it doesn’t get worse. 

Teddy had to go in cause mommy found a lump on his side.  Mommy had to take the two of us by herself and she couldn’t get Teddy to get out of the car.  Silly dog!  He planted himself in the backseat and wouldn’t move.  The doggy doctor was nice enough to come out to the car and examine Teddy.  Oh, did I mention that it was raining?  Anyway, Teddy laid down in the backseat and wouldn’t budge.  The doggy doctor says that it looks like Teddy has love handles…a little bit of fat on his sides kind of like us humans get when we get older!  Mommy will keep an eye on that too!

Mommy has been busy tutoring…she now has 25 kids that she is tutoring each week.  On top of that, she wrote this interactive children’s book that she tried to publish on Kindle.  She couldn’t get it formatted correctly so she figured she would write a simple book and publish it on Kindle to see how that worked out!  It is a non-fiction book about BUGS!  Everything worked great except the cover.  When she gets it all figured out she will let you know.  She’s hoping you might download it later on and give it a review.  She’ll be sure to let you know when it is free to download! 

We featured Savannah on our Tuesday’s Tails post this week.  Savannah is a beautiful black Lab Mix.  Take a look:

Lab Mix Needs adopted
She’s still looking for her forever home so please share her and help find her a home!

Christmas is right around the corner, so if you plan to order from Amazon please consider ordering through our link at the top of the blog.  We will donate 25% of our profits to Paws for Life.  Paws for Life supports our animal shelter here in Edmond.  Please help us help our animal  shelter by ordering through our link.  It doesn’t cost you any extra and you can order anything from Amazon through our link.  It doesn’t have to be doggy stuffs!  Thanks for your help in advance.

Have a great weekend!

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