Follow Up Friday

This week we are joining Jodi from Heart Like A Dog for the Follow Up Friday blog hop. This is the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend!

It has turned really cold here!  Brrrrr!  We MIGHT even get some more snow!  Woo Hoo!  What’s it like in your neck of the woods?  Just had to say that!

We have been really busy at casa Brown!  Well, mommy has been really busy so she hasn’t been able to visit our blogging buddies and we are a little upset with her over it:(   Awwwwe heck, she is just now getting Christmas cards ready to send out.  We would say she is a little behind this year!  Don’t ya think?

Whole Foods Market

We posted about Whole Foods New Line of Pet Foods called Whole Paws.  If you want to see how much we liked our new treats then you should come back and visit us on the 29th!  We will let you know just how yummy they really were!

Do We Have To Keep The Puppy!

Mommy posted this picture last week….

Puppy and Doggy Sister
Isn’t it a great picture!  It was unanimous from your comments that we need to keep him!  Of course, we were never going to give him away but this picture says it all!  Ash was really hoping maybe we could give him away, but it just ain’t happening!

Tuesday’s Tails #32:  Adopt a Dog!

Stephen a beautiful, senior chocolate Lab still needs a forever home.

Adopt this Dog
If there is anyway you can give this dog a forever home please contact the Edmond Animal Shelter.  Now for bad news…

The Edmond Animal Shelter had to euthanize Preslee yesterday.  Do you remember her?  She was so beautiful.  RIP Preslee.  Our hearts are sad, so please if you are thinking about adding a furry friend to your family here in Edmond, please adopt from the Edmond Animal Shelter.  They don’t have room for all of the animals and they are having to euthanize.  Also on our minds…it is URGENT that Babe find a home.  Please help by sharing.  Babe is beautiful and has to find a home in the next couple of days or she will be in danger of being euthanized.  Remember Babe…

Dog Needs a Forever Home

Babe – Looking for a forever home

Meet The Blogger at Dogs N Pawz

We really enjoyed this blog hop and learning about our blogger friends.  We haven’t been able to read all of the posts, but we are working on it!  Thanks for all of the nice comments about the human’s family picture!  They haven’t had one taken for a very long time so mommy was kind of proud of it.  Could you tell?

Mommy’s Bug Book

Mommy’s Bug Book is on FREE PROMO again today and tomorrow.  If you didn’t download it the last time, mommy would sure appreciate it if you would download it and leave a review!  It is a children’s book about bugs!  Check it out here:


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