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This week we are joining Jodi from Heart Like A Dog and her co-host Linda from 2 Brown Dawgs for the Follow Up Friday blog hop. This is the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend!

We told you yesterday we would tell you why I had/have kennel cough.  So here goes….

Phe and Teddy got in a fight a couple of weeks ago.  It was about 10:30 pm and mommy was taking Phe out to use the bathroom.  When the two of them walked out into the sunroom, Teddy was standing there.  Now Teddy is just a big lug of a guy who is scared of everything.  For some reason, he made Phe mad and she attacked him.  Of course, Teddy went back at Phe, trying to defend himself.  Daddy was pulling on Teddy trying to get him off of Phe and mommy was pulling on Phe trying to get her to let go of Teddy.  It seemed like this went on for hours but of course it was only a few minutes.  Teddy would let go of Phe and look at her, but there was no way Phe was going to let go of Teddy.

In all of the fighting, mommy was attacked and had to get stitches in her head.  The stitches went from her ear all the way to the middle of her forehead.  You could see her skull and she was bleeding a whole lot.  It was pretty bad.  While daddy was trying to get them off of mommy, he got bit in the hand and had to have stitches too.  To make a long story short, the ambulance came and took mommy and daddy away to the hospital.  Mommy was put in Trauma and daddy went to the ER.  Mommy’s head was pretty bad.  Because the ambulance came to the house, the police also came, the firemen came, and animal welfare came. 

Animal welfare took Teddy to the emergency vet to get him taken care of and they took Ash and me to doggy jail for the night just because they wanted to make sure we were okay.  That was really nice of them, wasn’t it!  Well…while we were in doggy jail I got kennel cough, at least that is what the humans think happened.  We don’t know for sure, but that sounds like the best possible scenario from all of this.  We only had to stay in doggy jail for the night and Teddy was at the emergency vet for the night.  Both mommy and daddy stayed at the hospital for the night too.  It was a really bad night 😥

If you read Tuesday’s Tails, you know that we are going to keep it going in honor of Phe.  We think Phe would like that and hopefully we can help find a lot of shelter animals homes.   Our Tuesday’s Tails this week featured a senior Chocolate Lab that is looking for her forever home.  Please help spread the word about her!  Can you believe her owners would surrender her?  Makes us sad again 😥

Adopt this Lab


Have a great weekend!

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