Follow Up Friday

Today we are joining Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog and her co-host Misty from Misty Shores Chesapeakes for the Follow Up Friday blog hop. This is the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend!

Phe; Phe Phe; Pheferita…

Mom calls Phe all those names but we just call her trouble!  Even though she is gone, we will still have some more Monday Mischief stories for you!  It sure is quiet around here.  Mom doesn’t have to check on Phe every 5 minutes and she is actually getting some things done around here!  She planted flowers the last two days.  Of course she couldn’t plant them while Phe was here cause she would have probably dug them up.  Mom is also working on getting the sun room back in order….she is going to have to get rid of the couches (they were getting old anyways) and find something else for us to sleep on out there.  We kind of miss all the excitement of having Phe around but the quiet is nice too!  Mommy is going to go visit her today and tell her hi for us!

SlimDoggy said that Phe should try to get mommy to let her take the chair to hu bro’s house with her.  Funny SlimDoggy should say that!  Mom has been saying for months now that she wants a new chair but she has been waiting for Phe to go home before she goes out and buys one.  Something about not wanting us dogs getting in the new chair.  Hu bro is going to inherit that chair and Phe will have it to sleep in forever!

Big Things Happening Around Here

Well, not really but I thought that would catch your attention!  Hu sis is moving home for good.  She is leaving Wichita State and coming back here to finish up college.  Hmmmmm…mommy says it is a good thing cause tuition will be cheaper but we have just gotten use to being the important ones around here and now she is moving back.  And oh, did I mention that when she is home she makes plans for all of us all of the time.  She keeps us on a social calendar.  Mommy is afraid she won’t get anything done with hu sis back home 🙂   She brought stuff home this weekend and then mommy and daddy are moving her home next week.  Mommy is going to be busy so I’m just going to say right now I’m sorry if I don’t make it to your blogs and comment like I should but I have to wait on mommy to do that.  Why can’t us doggies have fingers so we can do cool stuff like humans?

Tuesday’s Tails

This was the second week for Tuesday’s Tails and for only the second week, we think it is going well.  Mommy had this genius idea to post about every dog and cat that was on the blog hop that needs a forever home the other day.  I don’t know if it was a good idea or not but it took her forever!  We just hope it helps in some small way!  

We are also having problems with our Pinterest page.  If any of you out there are experts on Pinterest, could you please tell mommy how to link it up to to Dogs N Pawz  so that when she clicks on a picture on your blogs, it will go to her Pinterest page for Dogs N Pawz instead of her personal Pinterest page?  She stewed over that all evening last night and couldn’t figure it out.  Can somebody please help her!!!!!

Just wanted to mention that Donna from over at Donna and the Dogs featured Millie on Tuesday’s Tails and she just found out that Millie’s foster parents can only keep her until May 31st.  She needs a forever home like right now.  Please share Millie.  She is a beautiful doggie!


Adopt this Lab Mix

Hi! I’m Millie. Won’t you please take me home with you?

Please consider joining Tuesday’s Tails with us.  You can link up all week and hopefully by sharing these beautiful dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc. we can help maybe one or more find homes!  And if you do join Tuesday’s Tails and your animal that you shared gets adopted, please let us know and we will post about it.  Good news is also happy news and we like happy news!

By the way, we are late doing our FUF cause hu sis had mommy out running around all day.  Mommy is pooped!

Have a great weekend!

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