Pets ask to go out at the most inopportune times, or so it seems. Before we installed a pet door in our home, I wasted a lot of time every morning letting our dog in and out numerous times. This distracted me from getting breakfast and lunch made for my family, getting my daughter dressed and ready for school and getting myself showered and ready for work. A pet door helped with our morning ritual. Once our pet door was installed, there were a few other projects I decided were important to complete the setup.

A Pet Watering System

Summer is hot. Even dogs in the shade need water. Your little buddy may require more water if he is spending more time outside in the heat. It is important to make sure your dog can hydrate when necessary.

There are a variety of pet watering systems made specifically for outdoor use. These systems are divided into units connected to a continuous water source and units with a refillable reservoir. A unit connected to a continuous water source is a great way to ensure your pet has the water he needs when he needs it. These units can be attached to your garden hose or outdoor wall spigot. If you want to continue to use a hose on the same spigot, you can purchase a special connector that allows two connections to attach to the same spigot, in this case a hose and your dog’s water bowl. Often, these connectors have a way to turn the water on and off to each attachment. This allows you to leave the spigot on without water running from your hose.

A Raised Dog Bed

Dogs are susceptible to hot and cold surfaces just like humans. If you go camping and have to sleep on the hard ground, you may not feel as well rested as you do after a night in your own bed. Dogs generally have two choices for outdoor surfaces, hard surfaces like patios and softer surfaces like dirt and grass. A raised dog bed can elevate your pet, keeping him cleaner, cooler and making him more comfortable. Dog beds can be simple and utilitarian or very complex and beautiful. You can also easily make your own raised dog bed.

Cool Dog Bed


A Shaded Area

While a raised dog bed cools pets by providing distance from the hot ground and providing air flow under your dog, providing a shaded area for your dog will keep them out direct sunlight and heat. Whether you choose to provide shade over a raised dog bed, or shade in a separate area of the yard, providing shade in warm climates will keep your dog from overheating during hot summer months.

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Dogs can be mischievous, especially if they are left to their own devices all day. Installing a doggie door can mean more unsupervised backyard time for your dog. Pet-friendly artificial grass is a great way to provide a comfortable area for your dog. Artificial turf is easier to clean when it comes to waste removal than real grass and is a digging deterrent. It will keep your pet cleaner. If you like the feel of real grass under your feet, you can limit your artificial grass to a fenced off area accessible from your doggie door.

Artificial Grass for Dogs


These suggestions can be handled as DIY projects or can easily be purchased and installed by your local handyman. You should also consider your landscaping when installing a pet door. Many plants and mulches—Bird of Paradise, Chinaberry trees and Chinese Jade—are not pet-friendly. Ask your local vet or visit the ASPCA website for a more extensive list.





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