We have had lots of rain, sleet and ice in the past few days and us dogs are thinking that it would  be much better if there were sun to bask in. 

This is Diesel at the lake last summer playing in the sand!  Isn’t he a cutie!  We thought if we posted a summer pic it would help warm us up here in Oklahoma!  It is quite cold here!  How about you?  Is it cold in your part of the woods?

We really wish that if it is going to rain, sleet and ice that we would have snow to play in!  We would really like snow but this other stuff isn’t much fun at all.

Does everyone have big plans for New Years Eve?  We don’t have big plans 🙁  We are just going to lay around the house with mommy and daddy and watch the New Year come in.  We hope each and everyone of you have a Happy New Year!

Boxer Mix

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