Fall is well and truly upon us. The leaves are falling, the plants are sleeping and the air is chilling. Yep, it’s Fall time alright. But it’s not just Fall time for us humans; no, it’s Fall time for our canine companions too. If you want your dog to really embrace the coming seasons, then you’re going to have to have him take part in a few of the fun Fall things to do below.

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Embrace Halloween… or Howl-oween

Yep, Halloween, or Howl-oween as it is known to our fluffy friends, is a time where both you and your dog can really enjoy yourself and have some fun. To do this, you should try doing a number of things. You should try finding a dog-friendly pumpkin patch for you both to run around in together — make sure to check out this information on doing so before you do. You could both bob for apples (or maybe your dog would prefer hot dogs). You could dress your companion in the best halloween costumes for dogs, or even make one yourself, and go trick or treating together. Or, you could host your very own Halloween party where all of your friends and their dogs are invited.

Get outside, regardless of the weather

The summer is great for getting outside, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about getting outside in the Fall that is even more special. Whether it’s because of the golden colors on the trees, or whether it’s because the changing of the weather makes every day a bit different, going for a walk in the Fall is just special. You can share in this special time of the year with your dog by taking him out on each and every walk you go on. By doing so, you both get to indulge in the extremely healthy act of walking and you both get to enjoy the cool, crisp autumnal air. You can both enjoy yourselves in an apple orchard and your dog, specifically, can enjoy jumping in as many puddles or piles of leaves as he or she pleases. So, everybody wins!

Take a vacation

Yes, the Fall might not strike you as being the best time to up stakes and head on vacation. But, the more you think about it and the more you do research into it, you’ll find that it is in fact a great time to vacation. It is so because the prices drop considerably compared to what they were like in the summer and your dream destination is not likely to be indented with tourists. Don’t forget your dog when you head to this dream destination, because dogs love holidays too! There are a host of dog-friendly hotels out there just waiting for you and your pooch to check in to, so hurry up and get checked in!

The Fall need not be a time where your dog walks are cut down considerably because of the bad weather, and it most certainly need not be a time where you stop treating your dog to fun activities. No, it should be a time where you both embrace the season, rain or shine. By doing so, you will improve your quality of life, as well as your dog’s quality of life.






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