When Kye, an Oklahoma City police dog, was killed in the line of duty, there were many bloggers that posted about his funeral and a lot of my friends posted his funeral service on their Facebook page. 

It has been almost two months since this tragic event and now five Oklahoma City police dogs are getting knife- and bullet-resistant vests.  A “Kye Tee Shirt” event was held to help raise monies to fund the five vests, but funding is still needed for vests for the other three dogs in the department.

It’s a shame that all of these dogs don’t already have vests.  Who knows, maybe Kye would still be here if he had been wearing a knife- and bullet-proof vest.  We will never know if the vest would have saved Kye’s life, but thanks to Kye, many other police dogs will now get these vests.

Enter Tayte Stark.  Tayte is Kye’s little human.  She is raising money to buy vests for the other three dogs. 

Kye lived with Tayte and her family.  Even though Kye was a police dog, he was also loved and taken care of by this family.  Kye and his hu daddy went to work on August 24th, 2014 just like any other night, but the difference was that Kye didn’t get to come home like his hu daddy did.  Kye was stabbed while in the line of duty and died on August 25th in the hospital.

Kye saved his hu daddy’s life that night.  His death affected many people in the OKC area. He was loved by so many and there were lots of people at his funeral to thank him for being a hero.  Little Tayte put her sunglasses in his coffin because she was afraid that heaven might be too bright for him.

I can’t imagine loosing my best friend this way and it breaks my heart that Kye’s family had to go through this.  Kye’s little human, Tayte, is holding a fundraiser that you can find here:  Donations for Kye.  She is hoping to raise money for every OCPD dog and every other dog that needs to wear a knife- and bullet-proof vest in the line of duty.

All of these vests will be embroidered with, “In Memory of K9 Kye, Oklahoma city Police Department.”

The fundraiser will run through October 31, 2014.  As of this morning, $4,885 has been raised.  Please help raise money for Tayte’s fundraiser by sharing this post and of course, donate if you can!

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