Getting a dog to sleep in its own bed can be a real chore. My dog for one much prefers to sleep on the floor, on the sofa, or in bed with the rest of us rather than his own bed. Adult dogs can sleep for most of the day, so it’s essential that they have somewhere comfortable to sleep. These tips and tricks should help you to get your dog to sleep in his own bed:

Start Them Off Young

The younger you start your dog learning that they should sleep in their own bed, the better it will be as they grow up. If they are fairly old now and have never slept in their own bed, it can be a challenge to teach them otherwise, but it can be done.

Train Them Up

There are multiple ways you can train up your dog to learn that his bed is where he should sleep. If they are small and light enough for you to pick up, place them in their bed every time they fall asleep somewhere else. This will help them to associate feeling tired and sleepy with their bed. You can also give them treats whenever they make progress, for instance getting in the bed on their own. It can take a lot of patience, but training them with special treats has been proven to work.

Help Them to Feel Secure

Sometimes, all your dog needs is to feel secure in their bed in order for it to work for them. You may want to give them an item of old clothing of yours, just so that they can smell you. A toy they like could help too.

Choose the Right Bed

Your pet needs to like the bed you choose for them, so you’ll need to select it very carefully. It should be high quality, and big enough for them to stretch out on. However, some dogs like to curl up; if that’s the case you can buy them a bed that surrounds them and they might feel more comforted. Dog beds by Shinola could be a good place for you to start your search. You can read reviews online too, as this should give you an idea of the best dog beds.

Get Your Dog To Sleep in His Own Bed

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Be Patient

Training your dog to get in their bed on their own will take time and patience. You should never get angry with them or punish them for doing it wrong; they’ll only get confused, and this will hinder your training efforts further. If you’re serious about your dog staying in their own bed, you’ll need to be consistent and patient with them.

It really isn’t hard to make your dog sleep in their own bed. Simply stop them from sleeping in your bed and on the sofa/floor. Repeatedly say ‘bed’, in a strong authoritative voice while pointing to where you want them to go, and then treat them when they do as they are told. Be patient and they’ll do it!

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