If you love your dog as much as you love your mobile phone, downloading certain doggy apps can bring these two important things in your life together. If you’re looking for an easier way to track your pup’s medical record or if you want to locate the nearest dog park in your community, you may find these smartphone apps to be just as useful as they are fun.

Smartphone Apps for Dogs

Doggy Datez

Now you can mark your territory just like your fur baby does. Well, in a more clean matter, that is.

With Doggy Datez, a location-based mobile platform app, you can map out areas you and your best four-legged friend visit frequently. You can then keep track of who else visits your spots through the app and become friends. By collecting DogMiles, points you collect by marking territories, you can travel around the Doggy Datez world and “skyjack” other user’s marked territories.

Doggy Datez is a digital doggy community that’s available on iOS and Android devices.


When your furry buddy makes a break for it, it’s important to track them down and get them back safely. Find and locate your dog quickly with the Tagg app.

For $100, Tagg keeps track of where your little rascal goes. This app will alert you if or when your pet escapes from the safe confines of your home, giving you your pet’s location and how to get to retrieve them from your current location.

Tagg doesn’t stop there. The app also gives you 24/7 access to detailed data on your pet, so you know just how much exercise the little guy is getting, which helps you plan your walking schedule for later in the day. The app comes with a battery-operated tracker, which you will be notified by the app when the tracker’s battery is getting low.

You can also connect with other Tagg users through Facebook. Sign up for the GPS Plus package and you’ll be provided with detailed data, such as the air temperature of the area your dog is located.

Pet Phone

Caring for a pet is just as important as caring for a human child. Your dog needs love, attention and care. That care includes medical check ups, possible surgeries and obedience classes. These kinds of tasks add up with paperwork and certifications and important information to remember.

With the Pet Phone app, you can now keep track of all that information with your smartphone. Your pet’s medical and training history can be available all in the palm of your hand and at a tap of a button. It is equipped to handle multiple pets, too.

Appointments and history are two key things to keep track of, but Pet Phone also provides weight tracking. As you record your pet’s weight continuously, Pet Phone will create a graph to help you follow your dog’s progress. The app can also can alert you when your dog has dipped below or spiked past a certain alarming weight.

Pet Phone can also locate nearby veterinarians when traveling and remind you when your dog needs his or her medication.

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