What is Doga you might be asking yourself?  That’s right, Doga is yoga for dogs!  How cool is that!

Have you ever noticed your dog stretching out its front or back legs?  All three of mine do this.  If yours does it, then you know there is a connection between your dog and yoga.  If you know anything about yoga, you know that those stretches are done in most yoga practices.  They form the cornerstone poses of upward and downward dog.  Yoga features many animal-like poses but honestly, it isn’t very practical to do yoga with a cow or a lion so why not do it with Fido instead!

Doga can be practiced in one of two ways.  Your dog can be an active participant or you can simply allow Fido to visit with other dogs in the class as you perform your asanas.  You can always practice Doga at home with your dog or you can attend a class with other dog owners.

If you practice Doga at home, there are several poses that you can teach Fido.  They include the wheelbarrow, forward bend, and even the chair pose.  Doga will help build a bond between you and Fido and these poses will help improve his circulation and therefore, help him physically.  Because Doga is also a type of behavioral therapy, it can help calm your hyperactive or anxious dog.

Doga classes may be hard to find at first, but this latest trend in yoga will most likely catch on like the trends before it did!  So don’t give up if you can’t find a Doga class, because it might be coming to your hometown soon!

Source: Fix.com

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