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Give Cancer the Paw
Give Cancer The Paw is a new blog hop that mommy thought we should join because we had a sister that crossed over the Rainbow Bridge due to cancer.  Her name was Summer and she was a beautiful yellow Lab.  Daddy adopted her from Lab Rescue in Tulsa and at the time mommy and daddy only had Shiloh.  Daddy thought that Shiloh needed a friend, so he brought Summer home with him.  Mommy and daddy were in for a big surprise cause Summer was quite a handful!  She was an escape artist and mommy spent lots of time looking for her and Shiloh.  Summer was a bad influence on Shiloh cause Summer would break out of the backyard and Shiloh would follow!

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

Summer and Scout: from left to right

After daddy brought Summer home, he decided that they needed another dog and he brought me home!  Shiloh, Summer and I became really good friends and we all played together lots.  Summer was always full of energy and loved to play!

Then came Teddy.  Teddy was a puppy and Summer really liked him!  They played and became best friends and then Summer stopped eating.  Mommy took her to the vet and he sent them to the OSU Veterinary School in Stillwater, OK.  They diagnosed Summer with liver cancer.

Dog Cancer

Summer after she had been diagnosed with cancer. She had lost a lot of weight and was much skinnier.

Mommy was devastated and she did everything she could for Summer.  She made all of Summer’s meals, did all kinds of research and started her on all kinds of herbs.  Summer seemed to be doing better and when mommy took her in for her usual tests, her bloodwork came back and it was better.  But then all of a sudden, she took a turn for the worse and mommy and daddy had to call the doggy doctor on a Sunday afternoon and let her cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  That was five years ago last month.

Losing Summer to cancer was hard but then it’s hard to lose any furry friend.  We know she is running fast and free with Shiloh and Phe, and they are having a great time together!  Summer taught me and Shiloh lots of good stuff while she was here 🙂  She taught us how to escape out of the backyard, how to explore outside of the fence and how to have fun!  I sure do miss her and Shiloh.  These young pups that we have now are wearing me out!

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