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Loving dogs and nature go hand in hand; when you bring your new family member home, you might be wondering how you can make its life as happy and green as possible. Reduce your puppy’s carbon footprints in these easy steps, and make the planet love you back for it. We’ve got you covered – from before you decide on your new fur child to becoming a pet chef, the possibilities are many, and most of them are easy habits.

Before Adopting: Consider A Shelter

Take the first step on the road to a greener life by giving a shelter puppy a happy home. So many dogs are waiting for their new owner, and a lot puppies are born every day, so unless you’re thinking about only breeding purebreds, you should consider adopting from a shelter. If you’re convinced, take a look at Petfinder, and you’re on your way to picking up your puppy in no time.

Read more in this article on how to make your puppy happy from the very first, insecure steps into its new home.

Walking Your Dog: Clean It Up

So many dog-owners sin on this one, and it’s not alright to not clean up the poop after your dog. Pet waste in the streets around your neighborhood is a potential health risk for both your family and your pet. Don’t be one of those people; just bring a bag and clean it up. Buy some biodegradable dog poop bags while you’re at it, and make the world an even better place; rather than using a regular plastic bag on your walk where the poop is going to stay for decades.

Doggy Compost

Talking about your puppy’s waste: instead of leaving it in a bag, you might as well make a compost of it in the garden – you’ll be the greenest pet-owner in the neighborhood, for sure. The amount of waste our pets produce can be used for so much more than just immortalizing in a plastic bag, unless you get those biodegradable dog poop bags, of course. If you have extra garden space or some room in your backyard, set up a compost far away from where you grow your vegetables or eat dinner in the summer. It’s great for the environment, and you’ll be living your green dream to the fullest.

Cute Puppy Chewing Toy

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Give Your Pup Green Toys

Your puppy wants and deserves a chewing toy, and you can make the planet happy by buying a sustainable pet toy that’s good for the environment. Those made of hemp are pretty nice, or recycled materials. If you have something they chewed up already, be it a shoe or a part of the vacuum cleaner, why not just let them have it? You’re saving money and recycling your stuff at the same time, while also making their tails wag.

Become A Pet Chef

A lot of health and environment conscious pet owners worry about the food they feed their pets. They want it to be as healthy as possible as well as good for the environment, but this is often expensive stuff. It doesn’t have to be, especially if you just make it yourself. It’s not making you into a crazy pet owner at all; I know a lot of people who make an occasional treat for their pets themselves, and it’s not expensive at all.

A piece of bread with liver patè, for example, is an excellent treat for your puppy – or even the leftovers from dinner as long as they are safe for your puppy to eat. This saves you money as you probably have some in the fridge already, gives them a varied diet and you know exactly what’s in the food.

Neuter Your Dog

When your puppy comes of age, you should neuter him unless you’re planning on having more puppies, of course. Some people seem to feel guilty about doing this as if their dog’s life won’t be even happier, but it’s a lot better for the other pets in your neighborhood. I’m sure you’d be grateful if the people living around you took care of this, too – it just means a happier and safer walk for you and your puppy.

Even more important, the number of puppies born every day is far more than we’re able to adopt. Neutering your dog means that you help keep these numbers down and the puppies who are already waiting for their perfect home can be adopted instead. It’s kind of like not giving birth to children you’re not able to take care of yourself; when your dog gives birth to several puppies, you’ll be giving them away to people who could have adopted other ones. It’s just common sense.

Keep Them On A Leash

Even though your puppy is obedient and knows its name, you should always keep him on a leash when you’re out on a walk. Cats might be a bigger bird-killer than your dog, but you don’t want them chasing around after the neighbor’s cat either. No matter how nice and obedient your puppy is, you’ll see a whole other side of him when a cat is nearby – and they are not chasing them just to have fun. Not convinced? Read more about it here.

Going green with your puppy means including a lot of obvious pet maintenance in your schedule, such as cleaning up after them on a walk and carrying a leash, but you can easily step it up a bit with some of these tips. Although some of them seem unusual, they make a difference in both yours and your puppy’s life – as well as making the earth so much happier. One day, we might see a pet compost in every garden and make a habit out of treating them to recycled toys, but until then we might as well get started; the rest will follow with time.






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