Golden Retrievers are often referred to as the Golden.  They are one of the most beloved dogs and they are always ranked high among the most popular breeds.  They are one of the top pets that are welcomed into homes today.  They are one of the lowest ranking barkers and they supposedly don’t have bad breath.  They have a “soft mouth” which gives them the ability to carry fowl without harming it.

Lord Tweedmout, whose civil name was Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks, was credited for the development of the Golden Retriever and is also known as the Father of the Golden Retriever.  He was an avid hunter and lived near the banks of the Loch Ness.  This is where he developed a dog in the late 1860’s with a love for the water and a desire to retrieve; hence, the Golden Retriever.

  • The Golden Retriever was registered by the American Kennel Club in 1925.  The breed flourished in the 30′ and 40’s and has never lost its popularity.
  • The Golden was the first ever AKC Obedience Trial Champion.  This is an organization that recognizes dogs that have an excellent working relationship with their owners.  The Golden is ready to please.
  • Bred as hunters to retrieve fowl from water and land.  They will run tirelessly all day.  They love to  fetch.
  • They are big dogs.  They are around 22 inches in height and their average weight is 65 pounds.
  • They have a dense water repellant coat with a good undercoat.  Their coats sport rich shades of golden coloring.  A Golden puppy’s coat is almost always lighter in color than what it will be when it is an adult.  A puppy’s ears are a good indication of the color it will be when it grows up.
  • Golden’s love to chew. They should be trained early to not chew and not bite.
  • They have web feet for swimming.
  • They are likely to get hip dyplasia.
  • A Golden Retriever requires a lot of activity but they adapt to almost anyplace.
  • Golden’s should be groomed regularly.
  • They are easy to train.
  • They are good with kids and make a great family dog.

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