Dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend’ because of their close relationship and loyalty with humans. Because of the way dogs show their affection and protective disposition towards us, it is our responsibility to take care of them in return. Just like we need frequent grooming to love and take care of ourselves, our dogs equally need grooming as well. Grooming is an essential element for growing the relationship between a dog and its owner.

Just like humans, dogs also sometimes feel sick, distressed, and may encounter behavioral issues. Therefore they also need physical exercise and grooming maintenance not only for appearance but to make them feel comfortable and healthy. For many people, dog grooming is an enjoyable experience because it helps in strengthening the bond between our dogs and us.

Lab and his Human
It is always better to groom a dog when it is a puppy to get it used to a lifetime of grooming; however, your dog can be introduced to training and grooming at any age. Having said that, the successful grooming of a dog depends a lot upon what dog grooming tools are used and the frequency of the grooming sessions.

The following different aspects are vital to groom a dog:

1. Physical Care


Unlike humans, dogs do not need to bathe as often. But when they do, it becomes a tedious task for them as well as their owners. So you need to be very patient with your dog and take it slow and easy. You need to make sure that their ears and eyes are protected while applying shampoo. Sometimes they react so vigorously while bathing that they end up hurting themselves and their owners. Also the products that you use for bathing your dog should be dog products.

Dog Grooming


The pet experts often believe that dogs need regular brushing of their coat because brushing removes dead hair and equally distributes the natural oils on their skin. Regardless of the length of their coats, dogs need brushing every 2-3 days. There are a wide variety of brushes and combs available for dogs, like pin-head brushes and zoom-groom. It is important to remember that these activities should also provide fun to both of you.

Feet and Nails

The trimming of a dog’s feet is very beneficial for them because it just doesn’t just give them a nice look, but it also prevents a lot of things from sticking to them such as tar, stickers, rocks and other stuff. Also, dog nails, like other canines, grow in curves. These nails become uncomfortable not just for them, but they can damage a lot of things in the house. Therefore, clipping them makes their feet look good!

Dog Getting Groomed

Teeth and Ears

We may not have observed it, but dogs do also suffer from dental problems, cavities, and gum problems. So brushing their teeth and cleaning them regularly is a great help that we can provide them. If not daily, cleaning their teeth 2-3 times per week is alright. Also an ear infection is something dogs do frequently encounter, so cleaning the interior of their ears helps to prevent ear problems. A cotton pad with an ear cleaning solution can be used once a week.

2. Teaching and Bonding

Spend Time with Your Dog and Be Consistent

The first thing that paves the way for strengthening the bond with your dog is spending quality time with him. Spending time also allows you to pay attention to different aspects of their likes and dislikes so you could better understand your dog. Even if you spend time with your dog, being consistent is also as important for you. Your approach needs to be consistent in your words as well as in your deeds. For example, taking it to the bathroom, playing with or walking him at a fixed time of the day, helps to make sure he is doing the proper thing. Therefore, by establishing boundaries for your dog will make him more predictable and respectful.

Dog Sitting

Socialize and Teach Good Behaviors

Dogs are social animals, so it makes sense to socialize them further with other people and dogs. It works very positively for them if they go places with you to meet different people and animals. It is a crucial opportunity for them to learn to be friendly and become familiar with customs. If your dog has been properly groomed, he should quickly understand sign conventions such as ‘sit,’ ‘jump’ and ‘stay’ because these commands can also be used while grooming.  It is also a good idea to divert his attention away from negative behaviors like biting others.

Use Positive Reinforcement

During grooming, it is always better to use positive reinforcement rather than punishing your dog because it is more productive for him. If dogs are rewarded for good behavior, they always remember it and, therefore, they love to repeat it.


Grooming indeed plays a vital role for overall health and well being of a dog. With a regular grooming regimen, you are able to take note of any underlying disease your dog might have developed so that it could be treated as early as possible. From an emotional point of view, grooming functions are great stress relievers for pets, especially for dogs. It allows building a healthy relationship and strong bonding between you and your dog.






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