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As most of you know, Diesel doesn’t live with us.  He lives with our hu bro.  He comes to visit and stay with us a lot though.  We miss him when he isn’t here because he livens up the place when he is around.  He is a young whipper snapper and he makes us old dogs feel young!

Well, yesterday was Diesel’s birthday and we missed it.  Can you believe our hu bro didn’t even tell us that it was his birthday?  We were so upset that we didn’t get to wish him a Happy Birthday.  So, we are doing the next best thing…we are posting about it on the blog and hoping he sees it.  Mommy says she is going to go over and steal Diesel for awhile so we can celebrate his birthday the real way!  Maybe we will get to kidnap him tomorrow!  Shhhhh…..don’t tell hu bro!

We can’t believe he is already one year old.  How time flies!  We remember when hu bro and mommy brought him home.  He was such a little guy!  This one’s for you little buddy!  We hope you had a very special day yesterday!  Happy Belated Birthday!

Diesels Birthday
We think he is pretty special even though we don’t get to see him all the time!  Isn’t he just the cutest! 

Diesel's Birthday Collage
We would never have known that it was Diesel’s birthday yesterday if Diesel’s foster mommy hadn’t emailed to wish him a Happy Birthday!  She fostered Diesel’s mommy, Lilly, and was there for Lilly when she had her puppies.  Lilly is in the top right picture up there.  Diesel’s foster mommy took care of Lilly and her puppies until the puppies were old enough to go to the shelter and be put up for adoption!  If it wasn’t for Diesel’s foster mommy, we might not have Diesel.  So we want to send her a big thank you!  We are so glad and very thankful that she and all the other volunteers took good care of Diesel, his mommy and his siblings and that they can keep up with Diesel here on the blog!  How cool is that!

Don’t be surprised when we come kidnap you tomorrow Diesel!  We can’t wait to see you!


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