Happy, Happy Easter Everyone! 

We can’t believe mommy pulled the Easter ears out again!  We thought that since the house is so messed up and it is really hard to find anything in here, that she would give up on the Easter ears.  But, oh no….not our mom.  She looked and looked until she finally found them in the back of the closet.

When I say our house is messed up, I really mean messed up!  When it flooded, everything was just thrown in boxes and closets to get it out of the water.  Mommy has no clue where anything is really.  Cause everything has been put somewhere else.  It is quite a mess around here. 

Hopefully, it will be getting better soon!

So here we are to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Dog in Easter ears

Did I mention that I got a bath yesterday?  Mommy and daddy took me to One Lucky Mutt and gave me a bath!  That place is awesome.  I’ll have to talk about it more this week!

Dog with Easter ears

Ash wanted her pink Easter ears!  She is such a sweetheart!

Dogs and Easter

And this is me and Ash wishing you a Happy Easter!  Are you wondering where Teddy is?  Of course, he is hiding behind the table and won’t come out!  That is his favorite spot.  He is such a scaredy cat!

Lab with Easter ears

And this is me telling mom I’m done with the Easter ears!  It’s time to stop taking pictures!

Happy Easter!

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