Scout here…

We just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!  Mommy put Halloween stuff on us and made us pose for pictures.  We really didn’t like it as you’ll be able to see!

So what are all of you doing for Halloween?  We have a very quiet evening planned!  Halloween isn’t our most favorite time of the year cos we get a little spooked.  Mommy loves Halloween, but to tell you the truth, we really don’t like it much!  We aren’t used to all of the kids coming to our door and it makes us a little scared!

Mommy let me wear the witch’s hat for Halloween pictures!  She says I’m the good witch.  I thought boys were warlocks, not witch’s.  Something is seriously wrong with our mommy!

Ash got to wear a pink bat headband and Teddy’s headband had skeletons on it.  Ash didn’t like her headband.  She kept pawing at it trying to get it off.  Teddy didn’t mind his headband, he just didn’t want to have his picture taken.  Silly dog!

Dog Costume

Here I am with my witch’s hat on. Don’t you love the green hair!  And my eyes match my hair!  Too cool!

Lab in Witch's Hat

Me again!

Dog Halloween Costume

I’m starting to get tired!

Lab in Witch's Hat

Okay! I’ve had enough. Time to take a nap!

Chessie with Bat Ears

See me in the background! Ash looks pretty in pink, don’t you think?

Lab with skeletons

Last but not least, is Teddy! Mommy had to hold him to get a picture!

We hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween!  Don’t be spooked by the spooks and have a great evening!

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