So much has happened at our house in the past six months! 

Our hu bro got married on October 3 and our hu sis got married on December 19th.  The weddings were beautiful and now we have a new sis-in-law and a new bro-in-law!

Not only did we have two weddings, but a new puppy was added to the family. 

Hu bro and his wife got a Catahoola puppy and she is the cutest pup!  She has one blue eye and Diesel adores her!  They named this cutie Tessla and they call her Tess. 

This is a picture of Diesel and his new sister at Christmas!  Aren’t they the cutest!

Diesel and Tess

Hu daddy picked her up for the hu bro and hu sis-in-law on August 16th.  This is a picture of her in the car.

Tess the Catahoola Pup


Tessla the Catahoola Leopard Hound Puppy

She is absolutely precious and Diesel loves her to death!  Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Diesel like we used to, but that is okay!  He is happy because he has a new playmate and that’s good enough for us! 

Diesel the Boxer Mix

The last 6 months have been a whirlwind!  I never knew that weddings could keep a person so busy!  Along with the weddings we had other things going on too.  My daddy’s dad took a turn for the worse and passed away a couple of weeks before hu bro got married.  We sure miss him and we know daddy misses him bunches.

Over Thanksgiving break our sunroom…the room us doggies stay in a lot…had a major problem.  We had bunches of ice and the roof to the sunroom collapsed.  Thank goodness us dogs weren’t out there or we probably wouldn’t have lived to tell the story 🙁  The roof collapsed and tons of water went into mommy and daddy’s house, destroying all of the carpet and hardwood floors.  They have started rebuilding the sunroom and mommy and daddy are going to go pick out new carpet and flooring today.  The house is a mess and we are living on cement floors.  Mommy says she doesn’t wish this on anyone 🙁

Mommy and daddy are looking forward to a New Year even though 2015 has been a great year in a lot of ways but not so great in other ways!

Our wish for all of you is that you have a great 2016! 

Oh yeah, here is a picture of me in my reindeer ears!  You all haven’t seen a picture of me for awhile, so I had to put one on here!  I’m hanging in there.  I still have that cough that no one can figure out what it is, but other than that, I’m a happy old guy!  Mommy and daddy worry about me lots and give me lots of attention!  All that I can say is that I’m loved very much!

Scout the Lab in Reindeer Earss

Happy Holidays ya all!

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