Dutch is a service dog who lives with his human parents in Colorado.  Dutch helps his dad Jeremy who is a disabled veteran.  Last November, after he was allegedly punched, kicked and hit with a metal pole for several minutes he bit his attacker.  Dutch’s nose was swollen three times as big as normal and his eye was swollen shut.  The woman claimed that she was trying to break up a dog fight.  She has pressed charges against Jeremy and Dutch and a court has ordered Dutch to be euthanized because he bit his attacker.

Dutch goes back to court this Thursday, February 14th.  At that time, Dutch’s owners will learn how much of a fine and restitution they will have to pay to the woman that attacked Dutch.  They will also find out if Jeremy will be sent to jail and if they will have to surrender Dutch.

Dutch has no history of aggression and is incredibly important in the vet’s life. In my opinion, Dutch shouldn’t die for defending himself. I signed this petition asking the officials in his city to commit his sentence, and I’m hoping you’ll sign too. Here’s the link:

If you would like to read more about Dutch’s story, you can find it at DogHeirs.  Updates are also being posted on Dutch’s Facebook Page.

If you would like to help Dutch, Jeremy and Heather you can:

Help Save Dutch

Jeremy, Dutch and Heather
Picture from DogHeirs

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