I have always had a special place in my heart for an animal without a home.  When I was a little girl, I would bring home every stray dog and cat that I found.  My parents would get so irritated with me and I would get scolded time and time again, but that didn’t stop me!  When I started this blog, it became apparent to me that I could help by being a voice for animals that needed a forever home; hence, the Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop.

I am always looking for ways that I can help shelters and rescues, and was recently introduced to Pose A Pet by Rachel over at My Kid Has Paws.  The creators of Pose A Pet have come up with a genius way for helping rescues and shelters receive money that they greatly need.  They have designed an app that allows you to create a flyer that can be shared that features an adoptable animal like the one below.

Pose A Pet App

 What is Pose A Pet?

So you are probably asking yourself,  just what is the Pose A Pet app?  The Pose A Pet app was created to help dog lovers get great pictures of their pet.  This app uses the same sounds that professional pet photographers use to get a pet’s attention while they are taking their pictures.  Jennifer Whaley, the creator of the app, put together all kinds of noisemakers that she used herself to photograph over 3,000 dogs.  She came up with the great idea of putting them in an app so anyone taking a picture of their pet, could get a better picture.  So even if you aren’t helping a pet find a home, the app will work for you too!

The great thing about Pose A Pet is that the creators are committed to animal rescue and finding homes for every homeless animal.  If you are involved in animal rescue, this app is for you!  The Pose A Pet app will help you get a great photo of all those pets that need a home.  Not only will it help you get great pictures of that special pet, but it will instantly help you create an eye-catching virtual flyer that headlines any need including animal transport, fostering, donations and pet adoptions.  The flyers can be instantly shared by you on your social media channels as well as on Pose A Pet’s sister site, Rescuerevolution.com


Take great pics of your pet with this app

Click on the banner to check out the app!


Not only have the creators created a great app, but they are going to give 50% of the revenue earned during the week of March 9th through March 15th to a rescue or shelter of our choice.

Take Great Pics of Your Pet With This App

What Organization Will The Proceeds Go To This Week?

We have chosen Paws For Life in Edmond, Oklahoma to receive the revenue from this app.  Starting today, every time the Premium Pose A Pet App is downloaded, Paws For Life will get 50%.

Paws For Life holds a very special place in our heart.  It was their volunteers that helped us adopt our beloved Phe and their volunteers that comforted us when we lost Phe.  Paws For Life isn’t a rescue or a shelter but they help our animal shelter and Haven of Hope Rescue by raising funds for them.  This is a little blurb about what they do:

Paws for Life strives to be a value to their community and

  • Serve as a source for pet interest
  • Bring a voice for the homeless pets
  • Serve as a “watchdog” for injustice or abuse to pets
  • Help pet companions be well informed
  • Promote opportunities for fun and interaction with rescued pets and help find them forever homes

Paws helps our local animal shelter and Haven of Hope rescue in many ways.  One way is by hosting adoption events at the Edmond Dog Park in the Pavilion.  The Edmond Animal Shelter and Haven of Hope both attend with adoptable dogs.  The event is called Bark in the Park.  The following are some pictures of the event that was held on September 13, 2014.

Paw's For Life Pet Adoption Event

How Can You Help?

You can help by downloading the app this week!  Every time you download the app you will be helping Paws For Life and rescues and shelters all around the nation.  Downloading the app is great, but Paws For Life will receive more funds if you purchase app upgrades.

If you are a pet blogger, and want to join our 2015 campaign, send an email to mykidhaspawsblog@gmail.com to get the shelter or rescue of your choice to benefit from the app downloads and proceeds.

You can find out more about Pose A Pet Here:

Website:  http://www.poseapet.net

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PoseAPet

Twitter:  @PoseAPet

Pose A Pet Fundraiser

Disclaimer: I have knowingly and willingly signed up for this Pose A Pet™ campaign in order for Paws For Life to financially benefit from the app downloads. However, Dogs N Pawz only shares information that we feel is relevant. Pose A Pet™ is not responsible for the content of this article. 

This Blog Hop is hosted by My Kid Has Paws and Dogs N Pawz.  Please join us in raising funds by emailing mykidhaspawsblog@gmail.com and by downloading the app and the app upgrades!

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