Dog Diarrhea Treatment

Each case of dog diarrhea is individual to your pet. It is a good idea to take your dog to a veterinarian as soon as you spot the symptoms. If  your dog excretes more Dog Diarrhea Treatmentoften than usual this can be a sign of dog diarrhea.

Watery feces can be another symptom of dog diarrhea. Dog stools in healthy dogs should be firm.  Often dogs will find scraps while they are out and about that they should not eat because this can cause digestive problems.

It is possible to treat your dog with home remedies for diarrhea. With some home remedies your dog can be cured in a a few days. Natural home remedies can be very effective. If you are giving your dog human food, the first thing you should do is cut it from his diet.

Home remedies for dog diarrhea can take many forms. One of the most effective is probiotics for dogs.

Certain herbs like elms and plantains can also be very effective. Stop your dog’s usual diet within the first day of the diarrhea.

Make sure you give your dog plenty of water to keep your dog from dehydrating. To really help your dog recover you can add probiotic powder to his water bowl and you can add probiotic powder to his food as he starts to recover.

Probiotic powder is very effective and in most instances the dog diarrhea stops within a day. If your pet’s ailment seems to be gone, do not revert back to his old diet right away. Feed your dog low fat foods in small amounts for at least three days to a week. Make sure you keep your dog’s diet bland. Tofu, rice that is boiled and bland meats and poultry are best . Fresh pumpkins can also be used to bring your dog’s digestive system back to normal . The fibre in the pumpkin helps your dog recover his regular bowel movements.

Repeat the diet for at least a week and gradually re-introduce his old diet back, but keep an eye on his feces. It is extremely important to keep up your dog’s fluid level. Dog diarrhea can dehydrate your dog and leave him dangerously low on body fluids. This can be near fatal if not treated quickly.

Always make sure your dog has fresh water. Clean his bowl regularly and makes sure he drinks only clean water at all times.

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