Keep Your Dog Healthy With Home Treatments

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for home remedies to treat whatever ailment my dog has at the time.  These are some safe and simple home remedies that will help protect your dog’s health.

  • Upset Stomachs or Diarrhea – Imodium can be used for upset stomachs or to control diarrhea.  It is available in liquid form or as a tablet.  It is available with or without a prescription.  Pepto Bismol can also be given to your dog for upset stomachs.
  • Help Control Diarrhea – White or brown rice that has been steamed.  Brown rice is preferred because it hasn’t been stripped of its nutrients.
  • Allergic Reactions, Bug Bites and Stings – All can be treated with Benadryl.  Can also give Benadryl to help calm your dog or help him to sleep.
  • Tick Removal – Put a little drop of liquid dishwashing soap on the tick’s head and they will usually come out by themselves.
  • Hydrate Your Dog – If your dog is mildly dehydrated try Pedialyte.  Signs of dehydration are dry mouth, panting and loss of skin elasticity.  To help hydrate your dog, pour Pedialyte into his water bowl.  Pedialyte helps to quickly replace electrolytes your dog has lost.  Drinking water will replace most electrolytes but not all of them.  Drinking Pedialyte mixed with water will quickly replace minerals like potassium and sodium.
  • Keep Stickers and Burs Out Of Your Dog’s Fur – To remove burs from your dog’s coat try using a vegetable shortening.  Work a little bit of the shortening into the areas that have burs.  This makes it easier to get the burs lose.  It might be wise to wear gloves to avoid getting pricked by the burs.  After you have removed the burs, shampoo your dog to get the shortening out of his fur.
  • Keep Your Dog From Chewing – Try coating the object that your dog is chewing on with a dab of BENGAY.  He won’t like the smell and it will help keep him away from the object he is chewing on.  You can also try mixing White Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar and spraying the solution on the object your dog is chewing on.  Mix 5 ounces of each kind of vinegar and 5 ounces of water in a 16 ounce spray bottle.  Shake well and spray on the object or objects.
  • Get Rid Of Fleas – Try using Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.  Instead of using toxic chemicals try a small amount of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.  Add a small amount of Dawn in running water and fill a sink or bathtub.  Give your dog a bath in the soapy solution.  Lather it into your dog’s coat and let it soak for more than five minutes.  Dawn works better than some flea shampoos that are prescribed by your vet.  Dawn can also be used to get bubble gum that is stuck to his fur or to his paw out.  Just use a few drops to dissolve the gum.  Olive oil can also be used to get bubble gum stuck to his fur or paw out.  Saturate the gum with oil, rub with your fingers to soften the gum, and comb it out.  Shampoo your dog to get the oil off his fur or paws.
  • Sunburn – Dogs can get sunburns too.  To prevent sunburn on your dog’s nose, ears and other areas that can be burned apply a light coat of sunscreen.  Make sure it has a SPF of 15 or higher.  To keep your dog from licking off the sunscreen, feed him immediately after you apply it.  This will distract him from licking it off.  You can always apply more if you need to.  PABA, zinc, or zinc oxide is dangerous if your dog ingests it so make sure the sunscreen you use doesn’t have any of these ingredients in it.
  • Keep Your Dog From Having An Accident In The Same Spot – If your dog has previously emptied his bladder in your house, try cutting open a trash bag along the seams and cover the spot with the plastic.  Dogs don’t like the feeling of plastic and most likely won’t have another accident in the spot where you have placed the trash bag.
  • Keep Your Dog From Getting Ear Infections – Earaches can be caused by too much water in your dog’s ears.  Try placing a cotton ball moistened with baby oil in each of your dog’s ears before giving him a bath.  This will keep the water out of his ears.  Make sure to remove the cotton balls after the bath.
  • Preventing Dandruff – Grind six aspirin into a fine powder and pour into a bottle of baby shampoo.  Shake the mixture well.  Lather your dog with the shampoo.  Let the shampoo sit on your dog for five minutes.  The aspirin has salicylic acid that will exfoliate your dog’s dead skin cells.  After you have let the shampoo sit for five minutes, rinse with water.  Make sure you get all of the shampoo off your dog.
  • Stop Digging – Mix 4 tablespoons of pepper sauce and 4 tablespoons of cayenne pepper in 1 quart of water.  Sprinkle the solution over the area where your dog is digging.
  • Keep Food Bowls Clean – Try spraying a light coat of cooking spray on your dog’s food bowl before you feed him.  This will prevent leftover bits and pieces of the dog food from sticking to your dog’s bowl.
  • Help With Arthritis Pain – Fill a sock with uncooked whit rice.  Don’t fill it compactly.  Tie a knot in the end of the sock and microwave it for 1 minute.  Use the warm sock as a heating pad and place it directly over the painful joints twice a day for 15 minutes.
  • Heal Cuts And Scrapes – To help heal cuts, scrapes, scratches, skin irritations, and paw abrasions quickly you can rub Bag Balm on them.  In case you don’t know what Bag Balm is, it is a salve used to soften cow udders.
  • Help Itchy Paws – Use Epsom Salt to relieve your dog of itchy paws.  If your dog has itchy feet dissolve 3 cups of Epsom Salt in 1 to 2 inches of water.  There needs to be enough water to cover his paws.  Let your dog stand in the water for 5 to 10 minutes.  This will let the Epsom Salt work and will relieve the itch.  It is important to not let your dog drink the water as Epsom Salt has a laxative effect.  Take your dog out of the water and gently pat his feet dry.
  • Help Prevent Shedding – Dampen a paper towel sheet and run it over your dog’s fur.  The paper towel collects the loose hair and will help keep your dog from shedding all over the house.
  • Hot Spots – Mix 2 dissolved aspirin tablets in one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.  Take another cup of warm water and dip a tea bag in it.  Mix the two together and let it cool.  Apply the mixture to the hot spot with a cotton ball as often as required.  You may need to shave the hair around the hot spot.  After you apply the mixture you can apply a cortisone spray or cream that you can buy over the counter.
  • Remove Ear Mites – Ear mites cause excessive scratching in areas around the ears.  Soak a cotton ball in mineral oil and gently swab the ear canal.  This will remove the ear mites but only temporarily.
  • Insect Bites – Mix water with baking soda and apply to the bite to relieve the itch.

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