Clever dog names are hard to think of.  My first dog’s name was Friskey.  I got him when I was in kindergarten and have no idea why I named him Friskey.  He was part Chihuahua, part Terrier.  My next dog was a Chinese Pug and her name was Pistol. We named her Pistol because she was a very hyper dog.   She ran circles around the kitchen island for hours!  My next dog was part German Shepherd and was named Zeus.  I guess we named him Zeus because he was such a big dog and the name just fit.

When I was in college my parents rescued a dog from the pound and gave him to me.  His name was Scuffy.  When I got him he was kind of skinny and scruffy–hence the name Scuffy.  Later on, I found a dog in our neighborhood.  She was white and fluffy and I named her Bubbles.

Since then, I have had five more dogs.  Their names are/were Shiloh, Summer, Scout, Teddy, and Ash.  Shiloh was a birthday present for my daughter.  Shiloh is a black Lab and was named after Shiloh the movie dog.  We adopted Summer from a Lab rescue.  She was a yellow Lab and had been turned over to Lab Rescue by her original owners.  Scout is a big white Lab and was a friend’s dog that we adopted.  Scout already had his name when we took him in.  Teddy was abandoned in an oil field when he was about two weeks old.  My son and a friend of his found him and brought him home.  We think he is part Lab, part Great Dane.  He is a big dog!  The boys named him Teddy after President Roosevelt.  Don’t ask me why?!?  And last but not least is Ash.  She is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and is the sweetest little dog–well, she’s not so little!  She was named Ashton, but is called Ash.  My son named her and I really don’t know where the name came from.

These videos are about names that people have named their dogs.  Watch and enjoy!

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