Have you wanted to help out your animal friends, but haven’t known where to start?

Perhaps you are a long-time animal rights activist and you are looking for practical ways you can donate your efforts locally?

Or maybe your pet was an animal rescue, and now you want to spread your good fortune to others?

If you want a practical way you can help, we have got you covered! Being a hero to an animal shelter is a great way to help neglected or abused animals in your area.

Here are some practical tips of how to help an animal rescue shelter in a meaningful way.

Animal Shelter Dogs

Spread the love online.

Does the animal shelter have a website? A Facebook fan page? An Instagram or Twitter account? If not, or if the shelter staff are stretched too thin to do it themselves, offer to take care of their social media presence for them. And if you are not particularly savvy online, get a friend involved who is. Having a website up can help facilitate more donations and help connect rescue animals with future families.

Help with practical animal care.

Many animal shelters are run by volunteers and are quite often understaffed. Ask if you can volunteer a couple hours here and there. The help will be welcome, and you might be able to get in some one-on-one creature time, too. Of course, it is not all fun and games. You may be asked to clean out cages and restock supplies. But you will know that it is for a good cause. And there’s always dog walking and animal socializing to look forward to.

Help rescue animals find new homes.

As you get to know the personalities of the rescue animals, you will be better able to plead their cases to others. Create flyers for rescues and place them on notice boards wherever you can. Post notices on the animal shelter sites and let all your friends and family know which animals are looking for a home. Connecting a rescue animal with a loving and caring future family is one of the great joys of working at an animal shelter.

Help with getting needed supplies.

There is always the chance that the animal rescue shelter nearest to you is well-staffed and does not need your man hours. If that is the case, you can still ask about what supplies they may need. Consider donating a week’s supply of canned cat or dog food. Cloth towels, trash bags, old newspaper, and treats for animals are always welcome. Of course, you should ask for specifics before making a donation, as shelters can’t regulate the amount of donations that come in at once. Just let them know that you are open to helping them out when stock runs low and you will be a hero for sure.

Create a fundraising event.

There are some things that shelters need cash for. Shots, medical care, and the like. You can help out with this by organizing a fundraising event where the proceeds go to your local shelter. For example, hold a Bake-Off and ask everyone to bring baked goods to be sold. Sell tickets to a charity event. Get quality, donated items from fellow pet lovers and then raffle them off at the event. You can also raffle off services or home cooked meals. People want to give. But they often need an excuse and an opportunity. Giving is fun when it’s a group effort.

There are many other ways in which you can become a practicing animal rights activist. Foundations like the Dancing Star Foundation focus on animal protection and make the learning part easy. Most importantly, the little efforts of concerned people combine to make a whole lot of good. Don’t belittle what you can do. The more people who care, the more our animal friends will benefit.








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