After long lectures and puzzling assignments; as the day finally comes to an end, you drag back towards your room filled with fatigue. Just as you open the door, you see someone jumping with excitement and welcoming you back home. All the worries and weariness just vanishes away in the blink of an eye. Life couldn’t get any better! Every pet owner in the world can relate to it. Our pets shower us with immense love and care and it is paramount that we must also reciprocate the same. It becomes a little extra challenging when you are a student. Managing those scary submission deadlines, the laundry, the presentations, cleaning, etc. along with pet care is challenging. However, the answer to good pet care is also hidden inside these obstacles themselves.

The student life is the ideal period to own a pet. This catalyzes the process of learning some important life lessons. One quality that any student across the world needs to posses is the zeal to learn. You will never be triumphant in life if you don’t keep learning continuously. And what better way to learn some of the most valuable lessons in life than by facing challenges and experimenting. Pet care is fairly complex, just as having a baby. It is extremely satisfying and comforting and yet it is like writing a test every minute. You must be very careful and vigilant at all times. Pets help you grow and learn as a person, they teach you qualities that no textbook can; the lessons of love and compassion.

Track your pet’s health

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Maintain a chart to track the progress your little buddy is making. Schedule regular appointments with a good vet to ensure your pet is healthy. Get familiar with the doctor to understand the growth your pet will be making and list down the changes that would be required from your end to facilitate and manage the same. As pets grow, their needs also keep evolving and so should your care. Do make a note of things that your pet might be allergic to and take necessary precautions. Take them out for a walk. This is important as most student hostels or dorms might have certain sections that your pet must avoid to maintain proper hygiene.


We all need some friends to spend some good time with and so does your little friend. Go out and make some friends who are also pet owners. This will be a two-fold benefit. Firstly, your pet will have someone to play with. Secondly, you will also get a chance to learn from the other person’s experiences. We have already seen how important learning is! There are special pet friendly parks and areas where you all can take your little friends for a play date.

Dog Socialization

Have a first aid kit

Keep the essential medicines and supplies that might come in handy in case of an emergency in a separate clean kit. Your pet needs some specific health essentials that are pet friendly. Do not use your own supplies and only use things that are designed specifically for animals. Sharing is a good thing but this won’t be the place for it.

Don’t be afraid to fail

No matter how hard you try, you will inevitably go wrong a few times. That is perfectly alright. Do not get scared if anything like this happens. You would also end up passing on the worries to your pet and you certainly don’t want that. What is important is to learn from your mistakes. As a student, it is an indispensable asset. There are certain mistakes that every student makes. You will also make them. For instance, students tend to overlook hygiene very often. Whenever you feel the urge to do so, just think about the impact it could have on your beloved pet’s health and you are sure to be back on track.

Train them well

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To facilitate the growth and learning of your pet, you must provide some good training. There are various areas where pets need some expert training. A lot of good institutes help you in this matter nowadays. Select a school that is close to your home so that you don’t end up missing any classes. Another important thing is to start at the right age. Just like humans, pets also follow a learning curve and hence, you should select the right center for your little friend and at the right age.

Show them love

This is the most important of all. Your pet also needs your attention and love. After all they do stay at home all day while you go out and learn about the world. Pets crave  affection just like we do. They are also very sensitive to your actions since their life just revolves around yours. Hence, you should be careful not to say or act in any manner that might impact their mental health. A small hug goes a long way!


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