If you like to put doggy bows on your dog, you have probably experienced that sometimes they just don’t stay in.  If you have this problem, you might want to try these directions.  You will need a pair of hemostats and a doggy bow.  First take the doggy bow and the rubber band or elastic and spread it around your fingers.  Insert the tips of the hemostat up through the elastic and place your finger right at the center of the bow.  Wrap the elastic around the hemostat attaching the bow to the hemostat.  The number of wraps around the hemostat will depend on the elastic.  The stretchier the elastic means more wraps around the hemostat.  Wrap the elastic around the hemostat until you can barely open the tip of the hemostat.  After the bow is on the hemostat you can put it on your dog.  Take a very small strand of hair about the size of a thin piece of yarn.  Roll the hair in your fingers and clamp down on the end of the hair shaft with the hemostat.  Once you have clamped down on the hair shaft, slide the bow up the hair into place.  Brush out the hair and look at how cute your dog looks! Doggy bows are a great way to dress your dog up and as we all know, if you take your dog to the groomers, your dog will most likely come home with a bow!

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