Getting your dog to take a pill is usually not the easiest task to perform but is necessary for your dog to be healthy.  Some different things that you might use to give your dog a pill are cheese, cream cheese, or peanut butter and sugar water.  You might also have an infant medicine syringe and/or canine pill gun to help with this task.  The first thing you need to do is make your dog sit.  You should never call your dog to you to give him his medicine.  You should always go find your dog to give him his medicine.  You don’t want him to associate being called with taking medicine.  Always go find him yourself.  Next, use one hand to pry your dog’s mouth open and put the pill way in the back of his mouth with your other hand.  Make sure the pill goes back behind his tongue.  After you have put the pill at the back of your dog’s throat, hold his mouth closed with one hand pointing his snout up and and gently rub his throat with your other hand.  You can be sure the pill is safely down once your dog has swallowed and licked his lips.  Don’t leave your dog until you know the pill has been swallowed.  If you are having difficulty giving your dog a pill, check with your vet to see if it is okay to conceal the pill in some type of food.  If it is okay, try putting the pill in cheese, cream cheese, peanut butter or something soft.  Never feed your dog chocolate.  Let your dog lick your fingers after you have given him the pill.  That way you know your dog has swallowed the pill.  Another way to give your dog a pill is to crush it up, mix it with sugar water and put it in a syringe.  Sugar water is a mixture of sugar and water.  Put the syringe in your dog’s mouth and shoot the sugar water in his mouth slowly.  If that doesn’t work you can try a canine pill gun.  You can get a pill gun from your vet or a local pet store.  Make sure you praise your dog after the pill is all gone.  Give him a special treat to help take away the taste.

Dog Tip:  Blowing on a dog’s nose will encourage him to swallow.

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