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Moving is stressful for you but it’s actually daunting for your pet, especially when your pet is a dog. Moving and settling after the move is difficult for them because dogs are very territorial creatures; they recognize where they live and hate to leave the place. It takes plenty of time for them to adjust to the new fragrances and the new locality of a new home.

Mainly what matters is the change of space around your dog.  It is critical to a dog’s contentment.  Moving and settling into a new home is traumatic for dogs only if you don’t know how to handle the situation well. Help your puppy settle into a new home by following these tips:

  • You might be aware of the fact that animals catch emotions very fast, so just make sure that you spread happy and calm vibes all around. Your dog will catch it soon and will automatically feel pleasant about the whole scenario.
  • Try and make your dog as familiar as you can by surrounding him with his old things like his favorite toys, favorite fragrances and the same décor in his room. This will help him settle in as fast as possible.
  • Allow him to explore the outside locality. It’s advisable to not keep him inside because you are afraid he will get lost. Take him outside and set him free for a while so that he can explore the surroundings and come back to you. Do this every evening so that he explores a new space each day.
  • Make sure that your new home is safe for you and your pet so that he won’t get worried of unnecessary threats. Clean your new home with poison free cleansers so your dog does not consume it even by mistake. Make sure your house is surrounded with proper fences so your dog can never wander away to unfamiliar places.
  • You will be busy in settling things in your new home but don’t forget your pet in between. Play with him, make him comfortable in the new place and try and not to leave him alone for a couple of days. Then gradually help him develop a habit of living alone. It is necessary when you go to work because he’ll have to stay alone.
  • Also hunt for a veterinary hospital near your new home so if your dog becomes ill you can immediately take him to a doctor.
  • If there are more pets in the locality, then introduce your dog to all of them because it’s an animal’s tendency to bark at other dogs and animals. Familiarize them with each other before anything like this happens.

Treat your dog well and remember that you have brought a friend not an animal. Give your dog some time to adjust with the new surroundings and be reasonable with what you expect of him. Just like you, he is new to the place and it will take a little longer for him to adjust. Just be patient and keep note of the above points.



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