Let me begin with a cliché, ‘dogs are our best friends’ and perhaps their love for us transcends any possible relationship. However, the fact also is their lifespan is much shorter than ours, so sooner or later a time always comes when we have to bid them adieu only to miss them forever.

Losing a beloved pet and to live with its absence is indeed a devastating feeling. Many pet owners find it difficult to cope with the trauma after their pets are gone. I also agree with the fact that from a cute little innocent puppy to a fully grown possessive dog, all an owner gets in return is its unconditional love and faithfulness. So, no doubt….. the grief is real and intense.

Golden and her human

Are you also missing your furry friend? Are sleepless nights all you have after your dog passed away recently?

Not anymore, for you can create an opportunity to keep this connection alive, to make this relationship sentient and to make your bond timeless.

Here is how you can immortalize your unwavering love for your deceased dog:

  1. Compose a photo album

Since you have had an amazing time with your pet, you must have numerous photos and pictures of him, so why not compose a book of life. You can collect all the photos of your dog and put them inside an album. You can also create a digital photo-book and store it on your personal computer or email account. Here is a tip for a good presentation – start with the puppy pictures and put them in increasing order in terms of age; finally towards the end, put those pictures that were taken during his last days. Do not forget to add interesting and emotional captions under each snap. Therefore, even after months and years have been passed by, these pics will bring smile and tears simultaneously.

  1. Ashes into jewelry

Remembering your pets by turning their ashes into jewelry is one of the best ways of paying them tribute. After cremating your beloved dog, his ashes can be eternalized by putting them into a beautiful piece of jewelry. In this way you can create many souvenirs to cherish their love for a lifetime such as memory pendants, gemstone rings, bracelets, and so on. You can later wear these jewelry items or simply put them on display at home. Many pet owners now days are choosing this option to commemorate their pets’ unforgettable memories.

  1. Plant a tree

Planting a tree in the name of your just passed faithful friend is not just symbolic; it is also creating a new life from his. Select a plant or tree that can grow from your dog’s passing. It will be nice way to pay homage to your canine friend and to see him live on through seasons. Planting the tree at the site of his burial will essentially symbolize a new life from old. It will be a living relic of your love for this wonderful friend that now, in a new way, will continue to grow old with you.

  1. Create paintings and portraits

These days pet memorial paintings and portraits are on the rise. You can also have these adorable custom portraits and paintings created for yourself after your deceased dog. It will be an outstanding tribute to your dog, which you can keep with yourself even while you are sleeping or traveling. It will be a best way to immortalize them as an art. Furthermore, you can also incorporate your dog’s ashes into the paint.

  1. Take paw prints

It will always be a nostalgic and sweet feeling to look at your dog’s paw prints long after he has passed. Paw prints are often made in clay but ink on paper is another option. It can be done even from the young age of your dog and making a collage of varying sizes of his paw prints will really make you smile.

  1. Get a tattoo

Getting a permanent tattoo on your skin of your beloved dog represents your boundless love for him. It will always remind you of the time that you spent with him, played with him and even groomed him. It could be his portrait, his name or anything that connects you with his memories. Hence your canine friend’s memory will remain etched in you forever.

Final Thoughts

Immortalizing the camaraderie with your furry friend is not only for healing the pain caused by his loss; it also reflects a human-to-animal relation that needs no boundaries and no language whatsoever – only the language of love and care for each other.





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