Finding Ticks On Your Dog


If your dog has had ticks, then you probably know that sometimes it is hard to find ticks on your dog because they can be really little.

Ticks attach themselves to your dog and after they attach themselves, they will gradually fill themselves with your dog’s blood.  This process usually takes a couple of days.  If you have seen a tick that is full of blood, then you know that the tick looks fat.  If the tick is carrying any kind of disease, they will inject the disease into your dog once they have filled themselves with the blood.  After they have finished with this process they will drop off their host and go lay a bunch of eggs and make more ticks.  If you find a tick crawling on your dog that is flat or kind of flat, then the tick probably hasn’t had a chance to give your dog a disease.

As far as humans are concerned, to get a disease from a tick you usually have to be bitten by a tick.  But, to get Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever you don’t have to be bitten.  You only have to touch the tick to become infected.  When handling a tick, be very careful not to squeeze or squish the tick.  All it takes is for you to have a tiny hangnail, a crack in the skin or a sore for you to become infected with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  It is best not to use your bare hands to remove ticks but if you have no other choice, wash your hands immediately after you handle the tick.

The best way to find ticks on your dog is to use your hands.  It is easier to feel a tick than it is to see one.  Start at one end of your dog and go to the other end, all the while feeling your dog’s skin with your fingers.  If you feel any little bumps on your dog’s skin, check them to see if they are a ticks.  If you do find a tick, there is a nifty little tool that you can use to remove it without ever having to touch the tick with your hands.  It is called a Tick Remover and you use it to scoop the tick off of your dog’s skin.  Once the tick has been removed, wrap a tissue around it and flush it.  After you have removed the tick, you should disinfect the tick remover with alcohol or soap and water.

Once the tick has been removed check to see if the area where it was attached is red.  If it is red, you should take your dog to see your vet.  You should check the area for the next five days for redness and if it does become red, take your dog to your vet.


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