Have you ever gone to the Pet Store looking for just the right collar for your dog and couldn’t find anything that you really liked?  If so, you might want to make a dog collar for your dog  You will need a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, jewel glue, a flexible ruler, duct tape, some bling which might consist of buttons, jewels, and glitter, and a belt.  The belt can be a belt that you aren’t using anymore.  To start with you need to measure your dog’s neck.  Add two inches to your dog’s neck measurement.  This is to allow for breathing room.  And then add another two inches.  For example, if your dog’s neck measures eight inches add 4 inches to the eight inches.  So your measurement would be 12 inches.  From the belt buckle, you would measure 12 inches and cut the belt.  Take the duct tape and cut a piece off.  Place it around the back and sides of the end of the belt where you cut the belt.  Cut off the extra duct tape.  This makes it easy for the end of the belt to go through the buckle.  Next, you are going to decorate your dog collar.  You can use anything that you want.  If you use buttons you need to take the loop off of the back of the button.  You can use pliers to do this.  Use jewel glue or a hot glue gun to glue the buttons,  jewels or sequins onto the dog collar.

You can glue material around the belt if you want the dog collar to be a different color than the belt.  There are all kinds of different things you can do to make cute dog collars!  Be creative and have fun.  The following video shows you how to make dog collars.

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