Materials needed to make a simple dog bow:


Crochet Hook with a small hook on the end

Popsicle sticks which are used for putting the finished bow on

Bow tying rubber bands which are available at pet stores

Measure off 7 1/2 ” of ribbon.  Cut both ends at an angle.  Take the ribbon and cross it over as shown in the above video.  Make sure the ends of the ribbon are about the same length.  Pinch them in the center and draw the center of the round part to your finger and hold it.  Put a rubber band in the center and run the crochet hook through the rubber band sliding it behind the bow.  Pull the rubber band from the front across the hook and hook it onto the corner.  Pull some of the tension out of the rubber band and pull the hook through so that you have made a loop in your rubber band.  Slide the popsicle stick in between the ribbon and the rubber band on the backside of the bow.  Fluff the bow and pull the rubber band tight.  You can decorate your bows with almost anything.  You want to cover up the rubber band in the front of the bow by hot gluing a bead, sequin, pom pon, or anything that would be cute on the bow.  Be creative!  If you don’t want to go all out and dress your dog in doggie clothes a cute bow will always do the trick!

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