When moving to a new house, a lot of people forget to pay the proper attention to their dogs. And contrary to what a lot of people might think, moving is as hard for dogs, as it is for Moving with your Dogpeople. Probably even more difficult. That is because animals get really attached to their surroundings and getting used to a new one will require a lot of time and effort on their behalf. All the new sights, sounds and smells could be a real challenge. Even a trauma. This applies mostly to the dogs that leave the house only for a trip to the vet. The most crucial aspect of the move is to make your canine friends feel as safe, secure and calm as possible. Otherwise the whole moving process could turn into a real nightmare.

Here are some suggestions on how to make the dog feel more comfortable when moving to a new home:

  • Β Don’t leave everything for the last minute. Start your preparations at least two weeks prior to the actual departure, so that the dog can get a fair idea on what is going on and will more easily get used to what is about to happen. Rushing in the last moment could make the dog overly excited. Don’t change their schedule. Keep the meals and walks at the same time. Needless to say, they are to remain at the same times even after the move.
  • If the place you are moving to is relatively close to your current home, spare some time to visit it beforehand. This will give your four legged friend the opportunity to explore it well – the overall surrounding, sounds, smells, etc. Make a couple of walks there and this way the change will not have such a stressful effect on your doggie.
  • Prepare the new ID tag for your pet and let him/her wear it on the day of the move. This is just in case if the worst does happen and your dog runs away.
  • During the actual moving day, it would be best to keep your pet away from the house, most preferably either with friends, neighbors or family, or at a pet care center. It would be good to do that for several reasons:
    1. The dog will feel invaded by the many strange and unfamiliar people that will enter the house (the movers). This will either trigger aggressive behavior or the dog could get really frightened. Both cases could lead to an unwanted outcome which you will want to prevent.
    2. With your canine friend away, it is one thing less you will have to take care of while your possessions are being carried out of your house.
    3. This will make the movers’ duty easier, for the dog will not be there to get in their way, which could hurt not only the pet, but them as well.

Moving with your Dog

In case you can’t leave your pet with anybody, simply designate a separate room in which the pup is to spend the moving day. Of course, the room should not look like a prison cell. Allow enough light, leave a sufficient amount of food, as well as some of the dog’s favorite toys in the room, to make the time pass more easily.

Transporting the pet from point A to point B can also be problematic. A lot of dogs get really uneasy when on the road. When in the car/van, make sure there is somebody to play with the dog throughout the whole trip. Again, carry enough toys and food so that the travel doesn’t appear burdensome to your canine friend. However, if s/he is not prone to the aforementioned, consider a light dosage of sedatives.

Moving with your dog could be a real challenge, however, if you make enough preparations, everything is bound to run smoothly.

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