Pit Bulls Stereotyped as a Dangerous BreedOver the years, large dogs such as pit bulls have been unfairly judged as a dangerous and aggressive breed that is sometimes outlawed in certain communities. Although some sources report pit bulls are responsible for over half of all dog bite fatalities in the United States, others say pit bulls are no more likely to attack or bite than other breeds.

Many dog experts and pit bull supporters claim that you can greatly reduce the risk of pit bull attacks by properly caring for and training these dogs. Because these are very important aspects of pit bull ownership, make sure you speak with a professional if you have any questions about caring for or training your pit bull.

Pit Bull Owner Responsibilities

Starting early is a key aspect of properly training your pit bull. Make sure he or she gets plenty of exercise and try to socialize the dog as much as possible. You should also neuter your male pit bull to reduce the possibility of aggression. Some common tips for training your pit bull include the following:

  • Avoid confrontation as much as possible by not putting your dog in situations where it feels the need to defend itself
  • Be sure to socialize your pit bull with different dogs as well as a variety of people, including both children and adults
  • Do not keep your dog’s food bowl filled all day long—have a specific time every day when you feed him or her
  • Make sure your dog earns positive reinforcement rather than rewarding him or her for no reason
  • Do not let dogs get onto high places like beds or chairs

By properly training your pit bull, you can help put an end to the stereotype that this breed is dangerous. Additionally, you can avoid future confrontations with a dog bite lawyer.

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