A dog is a great addition to any home. But with a dog comes great responsibility to care for them and anticipate their needs. They’re not the best at taking care of themselves at times, so their human companions must be thoughtful in caring for their canine on their behalf.

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Here are a few tips about how to take better care of your dog(s).

Food & Supplementation

The number of daily feedings that a dog should receive mostly depends on their age. When they’re only a few weeks’ old, then 3-4 meals per day is normal. For puppies under six months, three meals are usually sufficient. With dogs under a year, a couple of daily meals is reasonable and when over a year old, then a single meal daily is fine. With older dogs that tend to overeat, it’s sometimes a good idea to divide their meal into two smaller ones to help them space it out to avoid the bloating effect.

Along with high-quality dog food, it’s important that they receive the right supplements for dogs. The addition of pet supplementation supports healthier bones, better functioning joints and can sometimes resolve medical issues where something is lacking that is made up for through proper supplementation. There is now a full range of excellent supplements made specifically for dogs that pet owners should take full advantage of.

Regular Daily Exercise

You may be thinking that your dog only needs to walk outside to go to the toilet, and that the need for them to exercise properly is not a daily requirement. However, for most dogs (other than ones that have a medical condition preventing it) getting some exercise is vital to keep their bones, joints, muscles and heart in good health. The amount of exercise your dog requires will depend on several factors including their age, weight, sex, status of their health, and their breed.

Exercise is not only necessary for them, it also deals with boredom which sometimes results in dogs being destructive with property due to frustration. Being able to run around and play fetch manages their tendencies to chew on furniture, dig in the garden and stop other unwanted behaviors because they get all tuckered out.


Just like you, your pet needs a place that he or she calls home. Your dogs will enjoy being in a crate or a doggie bed that places them slightly above the floor level, so they can look around. Lining the crate or bed with soft blankets makes it more inviting for them. Remember to position their bed away from any door drafts to make it comfier.

Their dog bed must be washed regularly to keep it smelling nice and to remove any unwanted extras that came back with them from the garden.


Regular grooming for dogs is important because they naturally shed fur, but with brushing they shed less. Dogs need a bath every few months or more often when you feel it’s warranted. Do check for ticks and fleas on a daily basis, especially when they go out for walks in nature or in the garden every day. Be sure to remove all soapy suds from their fur before drying because dirt sticks to soap like crazy!

It isn’t difficult to take good care of your dogs. They’re your companions after all, so it doesn’t have to be a chore or take long to complete.





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