Have you ever wondered what your dog would say if he could talk?  I just know that my dogs would have a lot to say!

Shiloh is the oldest of our four dogs.  I think she would say, “Mom, I love you!  You take such good care of me but why did you have to go and get those other dogs?  I liked being an only dog…in fact, I loved being an only dog and now those other dogs just pester me!  Mom, don’t you know that I deserve ALL your attention and those other dogs are in the way.  Mom, I really think we should get rid of them! ”



Scout is ten years old and is a big loveable dog.  I think he would say, “Thank you for adopting me!  I love it here!  Only one problem guys, I don’t know if I like Teddy that much but I’ll deal with it.”   I also think he would say, “Pet me, pet me, pet me.  Look at me, I’ll roll over on my back so you can pet my stomach.  I will give you kisses if you pet me!  Awwwwwe that feels so good!”



Teddy is five years old and was abandoned in an oil field.  A friend of my son’s found him and brought him to our house.  We ended up keeping him!  Of course, when he was a puppy we had him neutered and I think he would have said to us, “You are going to cut off my what?  Scout still has his, why can’t I keep mine?  Will God give them back when I go to doggy heaven?”  When we got Scout he was too old to be neutered so he is still a manly dog and I think he knows it!  I think Teddy would also say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me.  It was really hot out there in that oil field and I was really scared cause the hawks were trying to get me.  I owe you big time.”  He would also say, “I’m going to get that stinkin’ squirrel…you just watch me!”  Teddy is the one that loves to chase squirrels:)

Labrador Retriever


Ash is the youngest and is four years old.  She is a dainty little girl and I think she would say, “Do we have to keep these boy dogs?  Can’t we just give them away?  They really irritate me and they are gross!”  I think she would also say, “Can’t you see I’m special? I deserve only the best cause I am the best. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a princess!”  She loves to play catch and because of that if she could talk she would say, “Come on already, throw the ball.  Come on, all I’m asking is for you to throw the ball!  You throw, I’ll catch.  It’s that easy!”



Things all four of them would say:

  • Treats!  Yummy, Yummy.  What do I have to do to get more?  Come on…give me more!”
  • “Why can’t I have steak?  Maybe you should eat some of my kibble and I’ll eat some of your steak.  See how you like that!”
  • “You are really going to blame your farts on me?  That is so not funny!”
  • “Can I please sit at the table?  After all, I’m part of the family too.”
  • “Please don’t leave me at home by myself.  I am soooo bored.”
  • “I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go…LET ME GO!”
  • “Why does the old dog get to stay in and we have to go out?”
  • “Hey guys, could you point the fan this way?”
  • “Really, you are going to make us go out?  What did we do to deserve that?”
  • “More pictures?  Alright already.  Don’t you have enough?”
  • “Move over Mom, it’s my bed too.”
  • “OHHHHH NOOOOOO, please don’t make me go to the vet!”
  • “Hey! Hey! Hey! Wanna play? Huh? Huh? Huh?”
  • “Scratch my belly…now!”
  • “Mom, are you really going to vacuum again?  Haven’t you figured it out yet…it doesn’t matter how much you vacuum we will still shed!”
  • “Hey, that’s my couch.  You need to move now!”
  • “Mom, MOM, MOM…tell him to leave me alone and he’s got to get his nose out of my butt!”

Have you ever thought about what your dog would say if he could talk?

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