Thunder UpIn case you haven’t heard, the OKC THUNDER and the Miami Heat are playing in the NBA Finals!  Wow, this is like Super Sunday cause it’s Father’s Day and the THUNDER and the Heat are playing!  Each team has won one game each and they play again tonight (Sunday)!

Oh dog, there is a lot of hoopla going on around here so guess what…I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’ve decided that I am going to be “THE THUNDER DOG”!  Yeah, you heard me right…“THE THUNDER DOG”!  I’m going to help my THUNDER team win this championship!!!  You see, we live right outside of Oklahoma City and with all the THUNDER talk going on, I’ve decided I’m going to do my dog duty.  I’m not just going to join in the excitement, I’m going to be PART of the excitement 🙂  Everywhere you go around here and everywhere you look – all you see is THUNDER stuff.  Like…THUNDER flags, banners, signs, shirts, and the list goes on and on! be new and creative… I am going to be “THE THUNDER DOG”!  Don’t you think I would make a great “THUNDER DOG”, doh?  I think I am perfect for it!

I know… they have Rumble the mascot and don’t get me wrong…Rumble is awesome!  Have you seen him do his stuff?  He is sooooo doggone cool!

But hey, they don’t have a “THUNDER DOG”!  That’s going to be ME, ME, ME!  I can do what those humans do!  I can yell – well, bark…woof, woof – when the THUNDER does something good!  I can jump up and down – well, kind of…I can turn in circles and get really excited – when the THUNDER does something good!  I can eat all that junk food just like the humans do – yeah…yum, yum – gotta have that to have fun watching the game!  And I can act hysterical just like the humans do – well, I can go crazy running back and forth –  when the THUNDER does something AWESOME!

All that for a basketball game.  Is it really worth it?  You betcha…us doggies love our THUNDER too!  So Woof, Woof – THUNDER UP!  Can’t wait til the game tonight to show those humans what “THE THUNDER DOG” can do!!!

I’ll let you know how this THUNDER DOG thing goes and oh yeah, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

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